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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: My Crazy Hair And I

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: My Crazy Hair And I

Editor's note: There is usually a direct correlation between what’s happening in our heads and what’s happening in our lives. For Sue Ramirez, her chameleon-esque hairstyles portend her penchant for diversity, a kind of bravery that entails leaping head (and hair) first into the unknown. We sit down with Sue to get the shear genius behind her ever-shifting hair colors and hairstyles.

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As much as I can, I change up my hairstyle. I don’t want to be in one state for a long time. I’m a person who thrives on variety and I get bored very easily. I’m a very spontaneous person. I never plan any thing that I do because I want to be spontaneous.  For me, mas maganda kasi sa pakiramdam pag nagista-start lang yung emotion tapos you get to do it right away for yourself. Nafi-feed nya yung soul ko. I already have my next hair peg actually. You should be watching for it soon! I’m just finishing the movies I’m starring in and waiting for my hair to grow lang a bit longer then I’m going to do it.

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I change up my clothing style too almost every day. Sometimes, I’m a rocker chick, sometimes I’m a gangster, sometimes I’m a hipster. Parang masaya lang yung life especially when you’re going around and people are surprised by the look that I have kasi iba-iba. It’s refreshing for me and for everybody who appreciates my style, my hairstyles.

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I cut my hair short, really short. I had the pixie—I actually wanted to do it dati pa but I didn't get the chance because I had continuities for shows, movies, and everything. When I got the chance, sabi ko, “Can I chop my hair off now?” When they allowed me to do it, immediately I did a pixie cut! It was the most fearless haircut that I did for myself! I grew up with my mom sporting a pixie cut. I look up to my mom so much—she’s such a strong woman, she inspires me everyday. Yun siguro yung pinakamalaking influence ko na bakit ko naisipan na magpa-pixie cut. Refreshing lang din yung pakiramdam, ang gaan gaan. Tipid sa shampoo, tipid sa tubig, tapos you don’t have to take so much time to style it kasi after mong maligo you just go out and you’re fine! Ha ha!

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I get mixed reactions about my hair changes but the craziest one would have to be yung nagpa-pixie cut ako dahil daw tomboy ako. I’m saddened about the fact that people judge too quickly—like you do something with yourself and suddenly that changes what people perceive of you. I don’t understand how some people would equate hair change with a change in sexuality. I have nothing against the gay community. I love the gay community—I actually have a tattoo of the pride rainbow! I’m that open minded. I just think that people should open their minds. Dahil may ginawa lang akong isang bagay, you shouldn’t judge my whole persona because of it. I don’t think it’s right. 

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Photos taken from my Instagram account

Interview by Mels Timan, Banner image by Lui Jimenez



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