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In Focus: We Can't Help But Stan iKON's B.I. and Lee Hi's Friendship!

In Focus: We Can't Help But Stan iKON's B.I. and Lee Hi's Friendship!


Some might think that a lot of K-pop idols are close just because they work in the same industry, when the truth is most of them only know each other by their stage names! In between touring the world and gearing up for their comebacks, there's honestly not enough time to hangout and mingle with new people who are just as busy as them.

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This is why we're so happy to see two successful K-pop idols who are known for being introverts become the best of buddies. We're talking about iKON's Hanbin (widely known as B.I.) and solo act Lee Hi, who recently made everyone's hearts flutter with their adorable moments together!

Hanbin is quite popular for being shy around girls, while Lee Hi doesn't really enjoy socializing. With this knowledge, fans didn't expect this two to get along, but here we are! They've been friends for a long time already, but we just recently saw how close they really are in Lee Hi's comeback single "No One" featuring iKON's Hanbin which was released last May 30. If you want to know more about their friendship, swipe through our gallery above! 

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