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In Focus: 13 Moments That Make Us Miss MarNigo So Hard

In Focus: 13 Moments That Make Us Miss MarNigo So Hard


It's no secret that Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual, affectionately known as MarNigo in the world of shippers, are rarely seen doing things together lately. And this fact is making us miss this kilig tandem so hard!

There's also been less flaunting of adorable photos on their social media pages especially in Papapeh's part since he wiped his Instagram clean. Not that they're obligated to please us, okay? But still, we miss their friendship, at least, since they've made it clear that they never actually dated. Ouch.

The two are in the best terms; this is just them walking their own paths to do their own things with Maris focusing on acting and songwriting, and Inigo taking his music to the international scene. How about we put a united front to support their chosen tracks? That's not hard to do, but we'll always miss them together. Check out our favorite moments from MarNigo in the gallery above if you're feeling senti like us!

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