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Beauty Inspo: Vlogger Judy Travis Lists The Many Ways You Can Take Care Yourself As A Mom

Beauty Inspo: Vlogger Judy Travis Lists The Many Ways You Can Take Care Yourself As A Mom

Mothering is hard work—just ask any mom. For mom-vlogger Judy Travis, having to take care of three lovely daughters takes a village—or at least hubby Benji in assistance.

Judy knows too well how caring and concerned for their family moms could get that they tend to be neglectful of themselves. But this shouldn't be the case, she told ABS-CBN Lifestyle at the YouTube Fanfest Moms Edition 2019 held recently. "I think that’s a big no-no because to me, looking after yourself is a form of self-care, and that’s really important because unless you’re able to care and love yourself, how can you provide the best for your family?"

When asked how Judy manages to raise three kids, run three YouTube channels (she has one for fashion and beauty tutorials, one for parenting tips, and one for their family diary), and still look at her very best, she happily spilled her secrets below!

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1. Set up a time-blocking habit. Manage your time wisely, so that you can spend more time with your family. "I think that only goes, not only for working moms but any mom out there that needs self-care (and) take care of herself. I always say this, 'Girl, take care of yourself first. You need to be in a good mentality and space before you can love and care for your family.'" She added, "Self-care is so important because you gotta love yourself and care for yourself more before you could truly love your family, I truly believe."

2. Give yourself some "me-time" once in a while. Whether be it a visit to the salon, some retail therapy, or just by catching up on your series, do it. For Judy, it's editing her videos. "I love it! I love just sitting (in front of) the computer, adding music and sound effects. And I laugh at my own work."

3. Start with a skincare routine. Judy could never stress this enough: Take good care of your skin and start now. "At my age, I’m 33 now, you gotta have a good foundation for your foundation," she said. For her, skincare is a big thing—she washes her face two times a day, moisturizes, and wears sunscreen. She even quoted her mother-in-law, who taught her so much about skincare. "(She) told me, your skin 10 years from now will be your reflection of how well you took care of it today. So she said you gotta start in your 20s."

4. Put on some makeup! Judy amusingly shared that whenever she and Benji would have date nights, she'd always put an effort in dressing up and looking good for her husband. Yes, even if the setting is just at home. Her go-to? "Red lipstick goes a long way. I can have no eyebrows, no mascara, (but) a pop of red lipstick is a pick-me-up," she said. (See her best beauty looks in the gallery above!)

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Photos from @itsjudytime. Additional Youtube FanFest photos from the author.



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