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Lifestyle Hotshots: Jason Go, Food Entrepreneur

Lifestyle Hotshots: Jason Go, Food Entrepreneur

What are your thoughts on the misconception that good-looking guys only get by with their looks? "You know I think just do whatever you want to do. If you’re good-looking now why not take advantage of it, who knows maybe in the next life you’re not good looking? I’m just saying play with the cards you’re dealt with, a lot of people might be rich and good-looking but they don’t have families. You know people are dealt with different cards. Let’s say you’re good-looking, you get some money and then you have some other stuff and issues you just gotta work with that. Some people opposite naman they’re not that good-looking but they’re hardworking, their life is full of love and awesomeness... it’s balancing. That's one thing I learned, that life is about balance."

Among all kinds of food out there, why did you decide to get into the gelato business? "At first we realized, there weren’t much good ice cream places here. [Ice cream] you can eat it everyday, it’s amazing. So that’s what we wanted to do, we just wanted to bring something unique here but we want to make it Filipino but modern... because normally when people do Filipino, it’s traditional."

What’s the most random thing you’ve done for your business? "We deliver face-to-face like in condominiums, before we also did meetups, that can be shady sometimes but you know, we have to do it."


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Grooming by Decerose Alpeche for M.A.C Cosmetics / Shot on location at Astoria Plaza Ortigas





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