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Hottie Alert: We Got Curious Over Pasig's Newest Mayor Vico Sotto—Here's What We Dug Up So Far!

Hottie Alert: We Got Curious Over Pasig's Newest Mayor Vico Sotto—Here's What We Dug Up So Far!

He's that cutie featured on these hilarious, viral memes of Coney Reyes' Four Sisters And A Wedding character calling him her new "favorite child." His name is Vico Sotto, and is the son of the veteran actress with Vic Sotto in real life. The reason why he's making the rounds online? He just trounced a political dynasty in his hometown Pasig, once governed by the Eusebios for 27 years. Vico—29, an incumbent councilor, the mentioned actors' unico hijo—had just won the recent mayoralty race in a landslide victory against the present mayor Bobby Eusebio. To local pop culture fans who have propelled the storyline of Four Sisters to iconic status, Vico had just bested Teddie, Bobbie, Trixie, Gabbie, and CJ to become the star of the show.

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But what else do we know of Vico?

With his showbiz lineage, Vico obviously boasts of a good-looking, popular brood. (He’s the nephew of Senate President Tito Sotto, cousin of Quezon City vice mayor-elect Gian Sotto, and half-brother of Paulina Sotto, Danica Sotto-Pingris, and Oyo Boy Sotto.) He's already picked up Bossing's charm as he now has 150,000 followers and counting on his Facebook page. Yet, despite his industry connections and exposure to showbiz, Vico has declared in interviews of sights long set on governance. He is armed with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Management from Ateneo de Manila University, using it in his eventual term as Pasig City councilor in 2016. Late last year, he filed the Freedom of Information Ordinance that sought to disclose city public records upon any citizen's request. The bill passed and is up for implementation.

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Vico seems to be all business about his role. Last month, he discussed his campaign with ANC host Karen Davila, which many now know by the hashtag #IbaNaman for his firm belief that the time has come for new leadership and new systems to take place at least in Pasig. He vowed that once elected, he will address the disparity of wealth between the east and west parts. Pasig currently has a P10.7 billion budget—a figure, he says, is among the largest in the country.

“The east side of Pasig is a whole different city. There’s really a disparity of wealth,” Vico told ANCX. "The usage of resources is questionable. Most of the programs are geared toward short term dole outs, there are no long-term anti-poverty plans.”

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To kick-start, Vico wants to allocate a fraction of the budget to implement universal healthcare. He says this will enable even hospitals to provide free medicine and laboratory exams for patients. He also intends to cut down on infrastructure spending, as hundreds of millions (if not billions) are currently being spent on public works like walkways and sports centers. Vico also recognizes that better processes are needed for informal settlers of Pasig and will work to improve traffic conditions.

Vico is as opinionated even on concerns outside his city. In the same ANCX article, he mentioned his stand on drug war. “As mayor, I would focus on the demand side, create rehab centers and drug testing facilities, which are all part of the Universal Health Care program that I’m forwarding," he said.

We then send our good luck to Pasig City and Vico!

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Photographs courtesy of taken from ABS-CBN News and Vico Sotto’s personal Instagram account



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