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RnR Recos: A Sports Camp That Lets The Kids Play As You Enjoy A Vacay? There's Such In Balesin!

RnR Recos: A Sports Camp That Lets The Kids Play As You Enjoy A Vacay? There's Such In Balesin!

For the kids who don't have to deal with employment, summer isn't over yet—hence, they still have time to relax and have fun before the rainy seasons starts. And if you're a parent, wouldn't it be better to sway them away from their gadgets and instead let them spend the remaining school-free weeks in a sports camp? Whether your kids want to improve their skills, develop athleticism, or just be a little more active, attending a sports camp can be your best bet!

Beyond giving your child a recreational activity or an athletic edge, there's another reason to consider summer camps: it's the ultimate fam bonding experience. Some summer camps like the ongoing San Miguel Balesin Summer Sports Camp prioritize this, all while including the concept of a luxurious vacay. The San Miguel Balesin Summer Sports Camp, a partnership between Balesin Island Club and San Miguel Corporation, is the first of which held in the private island of Balesin in Quezon. It's open to children aged 8-18, and packaged for 5D/4N. It runs until the end of June. 

So, what makes the camp special? Read on!

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1. Balesin has a newly-renovated sports center. "Here in Balesin, since we have the facility anyway, I really want to continue pushing the sport and disseminate the attraction," Under Camp Director and International Professional Tennis Registry Coach Marty Ilagan tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle. The camp offers four sports (basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis), as options, and the premium is found on both the facility and the location. "It’s being held in an exclusive private island. It’s not just a sports camp, but also a family vacation with a great package. Plus, the parents, the kids, the campers, they get to bond for five days," Coach Marty added.

2. Expect the greats to train your kids. Name all the big names in local sports, and they're most likely to be here. Aside from Coach Marty, National Mustang and Bronco coaches Eric Gesmundo and Jhoel Palanog, and 2018 UAAP Most Valuable Player and star pitcher Kiko Gesmundo are teaching baseball. PBA legends Vince Hizon, Alvin Patrimonio, Johnny Abarrientos, and Willie Miller, plus Jr. NBA Coach Louie Gonzalez head the basketball event. National team coaches PJ Tierro, Niño Alcantara, Roland Kraut, Karl Santamaria, and Dennis Sta. Cruz, meanwhile, coach tennis. Lastly, former Davao Aguilas Football Club head coach Melchor Anzures, and former national team players Loy Fuentebella, “Mr. Football” Elmer Bedia, and LA Bedia are on board as soccer camp instructors.

3. Parents will be treated to a wellness package. It's not like any other wellness spa treatment that you've tried, if you're thinking that. At Aegle Wellness Center, the focus is more on preventive and restorative medicine. "We focus more on prevention. You might have a pre-existing illness that we would like to prevent progression. There are many ways that we can do that here," says Aegle's medical associate Dr. Luis Valencia Jr.

The package includes a Body Composition Analysis, which says Dr. Valencia, will check your skeletal muscle mass, percentage body fat, and visceral fats among others. "(It) is very important because from there, we can determine if you have beginning risk or development body vascular problems," he says. There's also the Automatic Response Analysis, which "gives us the spotlight on the particular state in your day just to tell us if your level of stress, your level of tiredness, it can also give us the idea of the status of your blood vessels."

Another highlight is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a chamber that covers and exposes the body to high-concentration and high-pressure oxygen. Dr. Valencia explains, "When you’re put into that chamber, your ambient gas is pure oxygen—it’s 100% oxygen because we pump it in. On top of that, we raise the pressure. Doing so is almost like forcing oxygen into every portion of your body. Most of the time, people do it just for the heck of it—rosy cheeks sila, they sleep well." Most people who use this treatments are those with peripheral vascular disease, those with diabetic foot, those with anaerobic infections, and athletes who are recovering from injury.

Another favorite is the Thalassotherapy. You soak yourself in saltwater pool for 30 minutes, which helps reap benefits like weight loss, detoxification, anti-ageing, and regeneration. It's offered exclusively at Aegle Balesin so that should convince you to give it a try!

Other treatments included in the Day of Total Wellness package are comprehensive blood chemistry workups, physician and nutritionist consultations, intravenous therapy, and massage treatments.

4. You can enjoy Balesin's amenities even if you're not a member. San Miguel Balesin Summer Sports Camp is open to all members and non-members of Balesin Island Club. The island is 500-hectare big, so you know there's a lot to do here. Schedule a sesh of any of the following: horseback riding, kayaking, paddleboarding, and wall climbing. Go tour, swim, and indulge, too, at any of the seven unique villages and their restaurants: Balesin, Bali, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa Del Sol, Toscana, and The Balesin Royal Villa.

5. You won't have to worry about getting hungry. Aside from breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole family, the camp also provides San Miguel food and beverage snacks for the kids. Say win-win!

To register and to get more information about the Summer Sports Camp, you may visit

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Photos by Vyn Radovan. Special thanks to Alphaland Corporation



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