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Mod Moms: Behind Ateneo King Eagle Thirdy Ravena Is The Fam's Gentle Glue—Mom Mozzy Ravena

Mod Moms: Behind Ateneo King Eagle Thirdy Ravena Is The Fam's Gentle Glue—Mom Mozzy Ravena

In both basketball and volleyball, the Ravenas are established royalty. From the parents Bong and Mozzy who were the faces of the sport back in the day to the kids Kiefer, Thirdy, and Dani rising from their collegiate stardom to become more stellar names. For the fans, it's the family's signature brand of athleticism and talent that has made them an inspiring bunch to look up to.

Among the siblings, Thirdy Ravena is presently the hottest—and we're not just saying it for his hot bod! As the best scorer of the Ateneo Blue Eagles in their last successful campaign in UAAP Men's Basketball, Thirdy has grown into a superstar whose back-to-back championship he has dedicated to his mom Mozzy among others. In this heartfelt interview, Thirdy and Mozzy share more of their journey as a "team."

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What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

Mozzy: I get to do what I love. I’m so passionate about volleyball that it’s such a blessing that I’m working in this industry, to work with people that you know and who became your friends.

Thirdy: It’s really whenever I go home and see my family doing their own things, I think it’s rewarding na I get to share that hard work with them. I enjoy doing my thing because I see them working as hard as me. Also, when I share the championships with my team, the whole Ateneo community, and the people who support us. I know winning isn’t really everything but when we get to share that particular moment with the people who have gone out of their way to support you, I think it’s such a great feeling.

What’s the most challenging part?

M: The challenge is with social media now, with all my kids in the UAAP. Some people put so much on a family name or even in the littlest things. Then again, I think time made us tougher talaga.

T: Exceeding the expectations of what people think you have to and you’re gonna do. You really can’t please everybody naman but I think it’s hard whenever you fail to do such. It’s one of the hardest part about living this kind of lifestyle where you’re open to people. They really see what you do.

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How has your upbringing helped you in your basketball career?

T: A lot. I don’t think I’ll be here without my mom and my dad. It’s so easy for us to get derailed of what we’re doing especially with all the temptation, to fall into that trap. They’ve raised me in such a way na they don’t even need to tell me what I should or shouldn’t. I’m strong enough not to do it kasi that’s how they raised me.

How has your career helped shaped you as a mother and vice versa?

M: With volleyball, the discipline is there. Yun yung na-i-impart ko sa kids ko. Then we have like this one circle, we talk about things in the same page—about sports, each others games, or the games I did. It’s such a fun everyday thing. I was lucky kasi when they were growing up, my husband is still playing in the PBA. I had the luxury of just taking care of the kids. Merong namang small business, but I own my time, so it was all for the children. I got to be a full-time parent for a while. Afterwhich when they were older na and could take care of themselves, I was able to work again naman in volleyball. So feeling ko, I’m super blessed.

How would you describe yourself as a mother?

M: I’m very hands-on kasi. Just like what Thirdy would always say, I’m always there and they’re all very open to me. So I kinda know what’s happening—to their sport or in their lives. It’s also nice because open naman sila for my opinion, whether it’s good or bad. They also let me in their lives. So, sobrang okay for me. I love it!

What do you like most about your mom?

T: Na I can have that kind of relationship her. Na although it’s far from perfect, I enjoy that company, that kind of relationship na talagang wala akong natatago and I’m just being myself.

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What’s the best advice you’ve received from your mom?

T: I guess it’s really more on working the hardest, being humble, and respecting the people around you. And also to keep the family close, to keep everyone you love around you and do everything you can to help them. Because at the end of the day, tulungan yan. Everyone’s gonna be there for me.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from motherhood?

M: You choose your battles. Kasi from where my kids are, they’re so exposed to social media and to a lot of things. Of course as a mother, you always want to protect your children, but siguro through the years, I’ve learned to choose my battles. And also I guess, it’s coping. Kasi if I see naman na they can cope, then I’m alright. Before talagang syempre you get hurt lalo na if it’s a lie. But now, I’ve learned to be more calm.

What do you like most about being a mother?

M: Everything, even the ups and the downs. Yung low moments namin as a family would always be a lesson for the future. We always make it into a positive thing. It’s just part of life, you tend to understand it and not to question God and the things that are happening. I’m always thankful for the littlest things.

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