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Lifestyle Hotshots: Now In Manila, Clint Bondad's Brother Kirk Is The New Model To Be Excited About!

Lifestyle Hotshots: Now In Manila, Clint Bondad's Brother Kirk Is The New Model To Be Excited About!

Taking a leap of faith by moving from Germany to the Philippines early this year, Clint Bondad's younger brother Kirk—a 21 year-old fitness trainer and model—has taken a liking into adjusting to life on the islands. And so far so good, as the charismatic 6'2" stunner has recently walked the runways of top brands like Bench and Avon. Everyone's already anticipating his face (and bod, of course) to fill the billboards of EDSA soon!

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How would you describe yourself?

Definitely dedicated. I’m really dedicated, like if I set a goal, I’m really willing to sacrifice other things. For example, something really basic like fitness goals. Although I’m really optimistic, I still have to be realistic, so I know where my limits are, because being optimistic all the time, it’s like you’re faking your whole world around yourself, like problems don’t even exist. You also have to reflect on the problems. I’m reflective. I’ve always tried to try my best to reflect about things, how they turn out, and why they turn out like this. I’m a really curious person. Reflection comes with the curiosity about how things generally work and how I can prove them.

How do you think people see you?

When people see me for the first time and they speak with me, “Oh, you’re actually really nice!” Because if you have a certain look, especially in the Philippines, like being tall, and most of the people I work with are in the modeling business, it’s like they put you in a box. But I’m cool with that, because I always get reactions like, “He’s talkative. He’s expressive.” Even on dates, because like the girls always say, “Oh, you’re actually reasonable!”

What is something you’d be happy to do everyday?

Technically I’m already doing it—being active, having an active lifestyle. It’s not just going to the gym, because my focus on my fitness journey is fitness itself—gym workouts, weights, and stuff like that. I really enjoy being active, not just for aesthetical reasons, but because, in my opinion, our body is designed for movement. So, soccer, badminton, I really enjoy boxing and wall climbing! It’s just a fun experience to be active. And the best part is, the fitter you are, the more activities you can do.

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What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately?

Going to the Philippines, because I worked as a personal trainer back in Germany, and I was doing fine. But then I went to Thailand with my brother Clint to support Catriona (Gray), and we got a little bit in touch with my brother, talking about how life is, and stuff like a future in the Philippines. Modeling, in general.

And, especially for me in Germany, it’s so convenient because we have a really high standard in basic stuff, like internet. No traffic, no waiting, the streets are clean, and everything else is super convenient. And of course, a safe job. Everything was super safe, five years of my life was already structured, so I can practically say where I was, and where I could be in four years. But then I realized that the best friend I have right now is my age, because I’m young, I have time to explore and do the things I wouldn’t want to miss out on when I’m older. And one of my mantras is “a life without regret.” And I don’t like being in the state of regret, so, spontaneous—ticket, boom, Philippines!

How do you like to spend your alone time?

Meditating. I would say it’s a skill, not because I have to learn it, but because it’s really hard for me to sit still and do nothing. Especially in this time of social media, imagine scrolling through Instagram, and you don’t even read anything that’s more than one sentence, then YouTube, Facebook, commercials here in there. So for me, meditating is definitely the perfect tool for me to be aware of the present. I do it every morning for 10 minutes, and I’m happy all day. It’s really just like recharging my batteries.

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What do you think about when you’re by yourself?

How my life changed a lot in a few months, and that it’s hard to predict the future. Because my plan was to never be here in the Philippines, but here I am! So I try to think ahead, because I need structure in my life. That’s why meditating was good for me. I need some guidance, some structure, so I try to think ahead, about my plans. Because although I’m in the present and enjoy the little things, I really like to think ahead—future thinking!

What would you say was the best phase of your life?

The best will still come! I mean the years between right after you finish school and five years after that is just learning and progress. They’re super crucial, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best, because for me, the “best years of my life” means that from now on, I will always go up and down, and I don’t want that right now.

Did you have any bad phases in your life?

Yeah, completely! Like last year was really stressful. I had a long relationship for about four years plus. We already lived together, and it was a big deal, and ending this relationship, and there were other job issues before I was a personal trainer—there was so much at once and I just thought, “Oh my gosh, when does it get better?” I was really down.

What’s on your bucket list this year?

Content creation through my own YouTube channel. This year, my motto is “Less thinking, more doing,” because I’ve been thinking about making a YouTube channel for years but I never had the opportunity. You have to build the opportunity to make an opportunity. It’s going to be a mix of me, my personality, vlogging, like exploring cities and stuff, and of course, fitness. So many ideas, but it’s a mix between lifestyle, fitness, and traveling!

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