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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Tony Labrusca: The Thing That Will Ultimately Break My Heart

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Tony Labrusca: The Thing That Will Ultimately Break My Heart

When you’re there, you’re there: you’ll never know what you’d do. Love really makes you do crazy things.  May mga pumapatay nga for love.

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I’m a very tolerant guy, but if there’s one deal breaker that I have when it comes to relationships, it would be cheating. I also really struggle when my partner’s past relationships keep getting brought back up and keep getting waved in my face. I’m not entirely certain why that is, if it’s a big bite out of my ego, if it’s just really hard for me to swallow, or it just generally hurts my heart. But, when you are seeing someone and their ex-boyfriend keeps calling the person you are dating, and you see that they “have to” answer the phone, that is really frustrating. Hindi naman yun deal breaker, pero kung paulit-ulit, parang papunta kami narin doon.

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It’s really annoying because I’m a person who wants to wanna keep the past in the past. For me, if it keeps getting brought up then it’s not your past anymore, that’s still your present.

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