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Lifestyle Hotshots: Blessed With Killer Talent And Looks, Josh Colet Details His Tale To Success

Lifestyle Hotshots: Blessed With Killer Talent And Looks, Josh Colet Details His Tale To Success

Before becoming a household name as one of the Moon Chasers on La Luna Sangre, hunky actor Josh Colet did bit roles for several shows including Maalaala Mo Kaya. His real roots, though, go all the way back to genetics (his dad is Noel Colet) and then his thespian beginnings. The 23-year-old, who used to take on singing stints at Enchanted Kingdom and play varsity judo for UP Diliman, is now without doubt serious about perfecting his craft and making a mark in showbiz. It's for his family, the breadwinner says. Below, the Los Bastardos star takes us to his inspiring journey that shot him toward his successful spot now.

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Describe yourself in five words.

I’m a hard-worker, family-oriented, an introvert but an extrovert when I have to be. I have that socializing meter. Then, patient and sincere.

How do you think people see you?

Now, I spend most of my time in the workplace, so I know people see me as professional. I work really hard and I try to keep that image. I’m not really forcing myself to stick to that image, but as a lifestyle diba, being at work and enjoying what you love doing so that I don’t feel like I’m working? But I’m pretty sure and I know people have told me this na they see me as somebody who is really passionate about what I do, who’s really real and sincere, and dedicated to what I do.

What is something you'd be happy doing every single day?

Biking. Actually, I ride most of the time because it’s my main commute, so I bike wherever I go especially with the traffic nowadays. What I also love doing everyday is having my alone time and just reflecting. You know, especially when I get back home from taping, I lie on my bed and just reflect on the things I’ve done and it’s a constant thing to make yourself better. It’s a lifestyle—I have to incorporate it everyday, to think back, to reflect on myself, to think of the future every single day, to be able to get your goal straight, to know where you’re going. Sometimes, especially when I’m down, you know we have does bad days, I meditate and think about all the things I’m happy about—all the blessings that I receive and everything. And the family helps, I really appreciate how even after taping and I get home at 2 or 3 AM, sometimes my mom and dad hear me get home and they wake up. Then I usually eat downstairs first; she’ll have a cup of water and just relax downstairs before I head up to my room. Sometimes they’d ask how my day so was. That’s my favorite part of the day, when I get to tell them everything that happened throughout the day.  

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately?

The La Union trip. We planned it the day before so it was pretty spontaneous. It was a Saturday taping so everybody was together, then the directors came up to me and said, “Oh, La Union tayo bukas!” Sabi ko “Tara! Game! Game!” We met at 5 AM, left at 6, so we got there at around 10 AM so we had time to have lunch, relax, and chill by the beach. It was a breather! Our show has been running for almost eight months now, so for most of us, that was the first time to be out since we started.

How do you like to spend your alone time?

Mostly movies lang naman talaga, eh. Empathy is really important because when I watch movies, I’m going back and putting myself in other people’s shoes. I try to really put myself in the movie, to experience the movie firsthand, feel all the emotions, everything.

What was the best phase of your life?

Right now. As in at this moment. It’s the best time of my life. I’ve never been this happy.

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What was the worst phase of your life? How did you overcome it?

Back in college. I got myself through college, I was a scholar in UP. I was a part of the judo varsity team, I played for UAAP. In high school, I was doing theater in Enchanted Kingdom and they paid really well. So since high school, I’ve been independent so I don’t ask anything from my parents anymore because I started earning early. The lowest point maybe was in first or second year in college, when we really need to look for funds. Financially, we’ve been unstable so it’s one of our struggles. It was a hard time because I could hardly pay for our electric bills. We went back to the province, then a few months later, my parents went abroad to work for a while. I was living in the dorm and I take care of my siblings on weekends or whenever we’re together. People say whenever they meet me, they are always surprised when I tell them I’m just 23, they always say na parang I’m older. I think it’s because of the hardships, it made me stronger. It gave me wisdom and knowledge and I’m super thankful about that. I was kind of depressed at some point because I didn’t have work, and I was studying and focusing on my judo career at the same time. I locked myself in my dorm and was hard on my friends, I was super anxious and didn’t wanna meet other people. I didn’t have my parents and ebing away from them for so long, I felt that I didn’t have anybody to talk to and nobody would be able to understand me. So I looked for an escape—I drank and partied. I went through that; but after a little while I woke up and started looking for jobs talaga. When my parents came back from abroad, I realized na I have to work harder for my family because I don’t want them to leave again. I want them to stay. So, I worked again as an extra, then I got an increase sa theater. Then during my last year in college, my dad saw the audition for La Luna Sangre. So I was like, "Oh okay, let’s do this!" Nung umpisa, extra lang ako as in no lines at all! Then I got promoted on my second day as a Moon Chaser. Tapos tumagal ako until almost the end of the show. During that period, I didn’t know it’s gonna follow through, but I just kept on going to auditions.

What’s on your bucket list this year?

After Los Bastardos ends, I really want to get into music. I’m focusing on my singing din 'pag may mall shows. I always sing minus one and practice my performance. I see that as training ground, it’s just like theater before. That’s what I consider now—training for music.

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