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Lifestyle Hotshots: Complementing His Brooding Aura, The Sporty Luis Hontiveros Is One Deep Dude!

Lifestyle Hotshots: Complementing His Brooding Aura, The Sporty Luis Hontiveros Is One Deep Dude!

Two years since dipping his toes in the world of show business courtesy of PBB, Luis Hontiveros is on steady footing. The 26-year-old hottie, who now appears on afternoon soap Los Bastardos, is balancing his acting career with his other passions. From jiu-jitsu to surfing, Luis talks about it all here in a conversation that betrays his arresting depth and perspective!

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Describe yourself in five words.

Driven. Shy. Crazy. Adrenaline-junkie. OC (obsesive-compulsive).

How do you think people see you?

I guess some people tell me I'm snobbish because of the way I look, especially when I don't smile. The resting b**** face. Well, the thing is, I don't really want anything in particular—when it comes to how people would see me or perceive my character. I just want them to see me as me, you know. For who I am.

What is something you'd be happy doing every single day?

Jiu-jitsu and surfing. It started from curiosity and like I said, I'm an adrenaline junkie. It's a different kind of rush, and both of them are not just physically activities for me. They affect me in ways like with the way I see life—it gets me into different perspectives. Like with surfing, for example. I paddle lang, then there are the big waves, so it's hard to paddle out. Then you get thrown off your board a couple of times but you get back then you try to catch a wave. After you catch that wave, you ride that wave. And then you crash. Just like in life, you keep on moving on, we get back on our feet, we stand up, we continue and try again. With surfing, if I get a proper ride, or I get stoked, it just allows me to enjoy and connect with nothing else but the wave.

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What keeps you busy nowadays?

Right now, I'm doing a few digital contents here and there. I just finished shooting a digital short film with Myrtle (Sarrosa). And Jiu jitsu, if I can. I try to do it everyday for the past few months. I competed in my first competition last Match. It was fun, it was really good. It was nerve-wracking. I gotta tell you, I've been training but when I got there, my heart rate was high! But all in all, it was fun. And I learned a lot, made new friends. It was a nice community.

What's the most spontaneous thing you've done lately?

I went to Baler, last minute, because a friend told me there are waves coming. How do you like to spend your alone time? Just staring at the sea. You know, just thinking. Listening to music. Reading. Just mostly reflecting. When I'm not doing any physically activity, I just want to be in the corner sitting and just thinking. I like being alone. It's proper inner peace for me.

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What was the worst phase of your life?

When I was having a mid-life crisis. That one stood out, that's before my showbiz life. That was pretty hard, there were a lot of struggles, a lot of let downs, a lot of failures, a lot of disappointments, broken relationships, things like that. But, you know, I never regretted anything about that phase, not a single thing. If you ask me to take out a bad thing from it, I wouldn't. 'Cause it made me learn more about my self, let me grow, and I think if not for every detail of those let downs, I wouldn't be here and who I am right now. Everything happens for a reason and it depends how you react to the situation.

What's the biggest lesson you always carry wherever you are?

Definitely to become wiser in life, by making careful decisions. I must really think it through because before, I was a happy-go-lucky type of guy, just jump first before looking. But now it's the other way around. I take risks, but calculated risks. I'm more mature now.

What's on your bucketlist this year?

In my career? Hopefully, I really want to get a regular role for any teleserye and hopefully a role in a movie. Personal? Hopefully to be able to travel more. And continuous learning.

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