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Lifestyle Hotshots: After Studying In New York, Kit Thompson Is Back And Ready To Rule Primetime TV!

Lifestyle Hotshots: After Studying In New York, Kit Thompson Is Back And Ready To Rule Primetime TV!

Back from his film and acting school in New York and modeling stint in LA, PBB alumunus Kit Thompson is back in the local entertainment scene—and with a spine-tingling vengeance, at that. We say so as the 22-year-old is one of the main stars of primetime TV crime thriller Sino Ang May Sala?, next to Jodi Sta. Maria, Bela Padilla, and Tony Labrusca. Still as brooding as ever, he shares below how his experience abroad shaped him this new perspective as he tries it in Manila anew.

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Describe yourself in five words.

Chill, outgoing, adventurous, nature-loving, and thrill-seeker.

How do you think people see you?

People see me as a nice guy, some people don’t. They think I’m really quiet. Unapproachable, sometimes maybe, I'd come off as that. But honestly, I talk a lot. If you ever come across me, I do talk a lot especially when I’m drunk.

What is something you'd be happy doing every single day?

Drinking coconut (juice) and surfing. That would be the life! If money wasn’t a thing, I always say that I would want to be stuck in an island, a really beautiful paradise and just surf and drink coconut (juice).

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What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately?

I guess flying back here was pretty spontaneous ‘cause I was just on the phone with my parents and I was like, "Should I go back to the Philippines?" And then they were like, "You know, think about it and then let us know." Then in less than a week, I sold everything and flew back here.

How do you like to spend your alone time?

Lately, honestly, I don’t have an alone time. But as I remember it, I would really read a lot of books and plays. I guess you call them self-help books, like there was this book that I really like called The Power of Now and How To Win Friends And Influence Others. And  drink a lot of coffee, too! I love coffee, cold or hot, as long as it is good!

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What do you think about when you’re by yourself?

What time do I wake up to drive to work, especially when I’m in bed. How many hours of sleep am I gonna get today. No, but usually I think about work most of the time.

What was the best phase of your life?

Studying at the New York Film Academy. That was fun. It’s probably the most carefree time in my life ‘cause I guess I started at a young age with this career, you know. College came later, but I guess at the right time. And I always dream about it, everytime I watch films on college students and how college is in America, it looks fun. It was always been my dream to study somewhere else and that was really a great experience because I was exposed to a lot of different cultures. I probably have two American classmates and the rest were Colombians, Swedish, Scottish, just name it. The school is all about art. We have photography department, filmmaking, producing—we have our own community there. We all just collaborate so that was really fun!

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What was the worst phase of your life? How did you overcome it?

It’s probably going to New York, just thinking about living the unknown. The unknown always seems so scary. That was pretty hard, but I went to New York and my dad helped me out but he can only be there for how many days. So after that, I had to start looking for my own apartment and that was hard—it was really just hard. For a year and a half, I'd probably moved for about four times, so I guess I would say it was the best and probably the hardest time in my life. Beause literally, I was living alone. I'd wake up, cook, get ready, get my clothes nicely done, wash everything, go to school, take an hour in the train, go study for like about 9 AM to 6 PM. Sometimes, we'd finish at 9 PM. I just lived trying to make it to the next day. But there was also a lot of partying involved.

What’s on your bucket list this year?

I really hope one of my films will go to an international film fest. So, that’s one of my goals. Of course, I'd probably want to win an award, too. Hopefully.

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Produced by Mels Timan | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Cinematography by Lui Jimenez and Christina Zabat | Editing by Christina Zabat | Styling by Camille Santiago | Grooming by Angie Cruz for Make Up For Ever | Shot on location at Destino Beach Club Dive Resort And Hotel, Bauan, Batangas | Special thanks to John Brillantes of Reco Models, April del Rosario, Portia Dimla of Star Magic, Olli Sara, Fel Sison-Garcia, The staff of It's Showtime, and Havaianas Philippines

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