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In Focus: 15 BFF K-Pop Duos That We Will Never Un-Stan

In Focus: 15 BFF K-Pop Duos That We Will Never Un-Stan


Look, we don't only stan K-pop groups for their music and visuals—those are huge factors needless to say—but also for their solid friendships that we wish we are a part of. By now, we already know how tough it is to live by the demands of the industry, and it is this camaraderie between members that make it bearable. Working with people you share good chemistry and dreams with, who know you so well, is even better than just doing things for plain business. They're more than just a group, they're a family.

But as much as we find the whole group's close bond lovable, we'll always have our eyes on one particular pair. Perhaps their relationship reminds us of our own BFFs or they set the tone for the kind of friendship we should aspire to have. In the gallery above are the best-est K-pop duos who have stood the test of time, from trainee to post-debut days, and have inspired us to be equally loyal to our pals, too! 

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