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In Focus: 12 Times Mavy & Cassy Legaspi Were #SiblingGoals

In Focus: 12 Times Mavy & Cassy Legaspi Were #SiblingGoals


We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Nobody makes the best partner in crime like your own sibling. What more when you're twins? Just think of Mavy and Cassy who grew up incredibly close as the only children of their celebrity parents Carmina and Zoren Legaspi. Their photos alone tell us that their relationship is the best!

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but while you think a competition is pretty normal between brothers and sisters, it doesn't seem to work that way when it comes to Mavy and Cassy, especially considering they have shared looks, birthday, attention—just to name a few—since they were born. But the good thing is that they are best friends by default. Something about that "twin thing", perhaps? Let the Legaspi sibs prove to you that their pair is total #siblinggoals in the gallery above!

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