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Lifestyle Hotshots: Jose Unso, Pilot and Flight Instructor

Lifestyle Hotshots: Jose Unso, Pilot and Flight Instructor

What’s the funniest misconception you’ve heard about yourself? "That I’m stupid and cocky. Kasi usually when you go to school and you’re an athlete, diba people would think that you’re only there in school because of your athletic skills and not because of your brains, which is true in most cases, but in my case I make sure that I’m consistently on the dean’s list and all my grades are at par with my athletic skills."

Do you prefer smart or beautiful girls? "With all honesty I’d prefer beautiful. Siguro it’s more like I want my kids to be beautiful and you know naman with genetics most of the time 50% comes from the mom and 50% from the dad and I’d rather be the smart one and her the good looking one because I want to be inspired every time I wake up in the morning."

Who's your ideal girl? "My ideal girl would be, first, smoking hot. I want to reach for the stars. I want her to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. And then next I want her to have the same humor as me. She doesn't have to exactly be super smart but the same things that catches my attention should catch her attention as well. And third, I want her to be sporty also. I’d like us to exercise together. I think these things would make up the best girl."

What would never wear? "I’m an adventurous type of guy. I like trying out stuff. If it doesn’t look good on me, that’s fine but I’ll still try it."


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Styling by Barry Viloria  and Camille Santiago / Interview by Jheff Hsu / Grooming by Eddie Mar Cabiltes / Shot on location at Citadines Salcedo Makati / Special thanks to Castro PR




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