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Lifestyle Hotshots: Chino Roque, the First Filipino Astronaut

Lifestyle Hotshots: Chino Roque, the First Filipino Astronaut

What’s the funniest misconception you’ve heard about yourself: "That I know everything about space. I mean people would assume that the first Filipino astronaut would know everything but for me I just know the basics like the eight planets."

Do you prefer smart or beautiful girls? "I’d go for simple. For me with all that’s happening, I really look for that simplicity in a girl to really pull me down and keep me grounded."

What would you never wear and why? "I’ll wear anything. If you need me to be kenkoy, I will. If you need me to be ‘fashion,’ I’ll try to be. I never really told myself, I'd never wear something."

Who's your style icon? "David Beckham. Class siya ehI look up to him kasi I’m also a football player growing up and every hairstyle he had for the World Cup, the next day everyone had it [also]. People look up to him when it comes to style. He can be sporty, formal, casual. He’s very classy."


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs Vyn Radovan / Styling Barry Viloria and Camille Santiago / Interview by Jheff Hsu / Grooming by Eddie Mar Cabiltes / Shot on location at Citadines Salcedo Makati / Top, H&M; eyewear, Ray-Ban / Special thanks to Castro PR




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