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In Focus: iKON’s B.I Is The Most Adorable Oppa To His Little Sister Hanbyul!

In Focus: iKON’s B.I Is The Most Adorable Oppa To His Little Sister Hanbyul!


by Mikka Caronan

B.I, or Kim Hanbin, is the charismatic leader of iKON. Everyone knows that he’s a dedicated, hardworking, and strong leader. He puts most of his time on work that’s why people respect him not only as an artist but also as a producer and a songwriter. iKONICs call him “tigerbin” because of his strong gaze on stage. But off the spotlight, he is a super soft and sweet brother or oppa to his sister, Kim Hanbyul.

We first saw Hanbyul in iKON’s (team B) first survival show, Who is Next? (WIN), when she visited B.I with their mom.

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She’s still a shy 3-year-old baby back then but still managed to catch the members and fans’ hearts! In that episode, you’ll see how B.I was so happy just  by seeing his favorite ball of sunshine!

Hanbyul made her debut on TV when she and B.I joined a variety show called “The Game With No Name” last 2018. She also has a tiger gaze like her brother, but no one can resist her “Heart Shaker” performance!

 And B.I made it even more adorable when he joined her!

This funny video also proved that B.I loves her so much that he got shocked when iKONICs said the F word while singing his song “One and Only” in a crowd singing battle because Hanbyul was watching that time. He immediately stopped the crowd and told everyone not to say the F word because his sister is watching! Well, Hanbyul is iKONICs' little princess, so they obliged!

And when Hanbyul got mad because she memorized iKON’s Korean version songs but the group sang it in Japanese, just look at how Hanbin makes sure she’s not mad at him! He asked for a kiss but she refused.

Even if B.I spends a lot of his time at work, composing, and producing music, he makes sure he makes memories with her sister whenever he has a chance!

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For more cuteness-overload moments from these siblings, swipe through our gallery above!

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