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Hot Stuff: BLACKPINK Nailed Their Coachella Performance And BLINKs Are So Proud!

Hot Stuff: BLACKPINK Nailed Their Coachella Performance And BLINKs Are So Proud!



From catching everyone's attention with their song “DDU-DU DDU-DU” to pumping up the crowd with their new single "Kill This Love," BLACKPINK is the first ever K-pop girl group to take the stage at Coachella which is one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Lightsticks were up and fan chants were shaking the venue, proving that their impact has officially reached the West, and it's about to grow bigger than this. Plus, for the first time ever, YouTube broadcasted their live performance from Coachella on the Times Square big screen in New York City! 

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The members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa kept on proving that their hard work won't go to waste. Although it's true that these girls are absolutely incredible, we also have to give credit to their supportive fans A.K.A. the BLINK fandom because they're the reason as to why BLACKPINK has become the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide for more than an hour after their Coachella performance.

And we're sure the girls appreciate their continuous effort with Rosé even thanking everyone who stayed to watch them, “Us coming all the way from South Korea, we didn’t know what to expect, and obviously we’re from totally different worlds. But tonight I think we’ve learned so deeply that music brings us as one. So I want to thank you guys tonight for sticking by to the end of the show. You guys are awesome. And those of you who will be joining us at the concert next week, we’ll see you soon.”

This is not the first, nor the last, that BLINKs helped the group make history. But this is one of those unforgettable moments that every BP stan would cherish for a long time. That's why to prove that their fandom is one of the most supportive ones out there, swipe through our gallery and check out how BLINKs reacted to BLACKPINK's Coachella performance! 

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