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Beauty Inspo: Fab At 40, Our New Skincare Peg Cindy Kurleto Has These Natural Age-Defying Secrets!

Beauty Inspo: Fab At 40, Our New Skincare Peg Cindy Kurleto Has These Natural Age-Defying Secrets!

Cindy Kurleto, who recently returned to the limelight courtesy of her latest and very fitting endorsement deal with multivitamins brand Myra Ultimate, would easily strike anyone to say that she's aged like fine wine. FYI: She's turning 40 on April 21.

How'd she do it? Prioritizing me time. “If I want to be able to look after my loved ones, I have to, first, look after myself,” she revealed as her best-kept beauty secret at the press launch of her new brand partnership. “I have to love myself first before I can love my children, my partner, my father, and my mother. This is talaga my mantra.”

For others, me time constitutes a very ceremonious and time-consuming skincare routine with an array of expensive products to apply on. But for the former VJ and actress, less is enough. "I seem to be allergic to very heavy and thick creams. My face, my pores, my skin don’t really like it,” she explained.

Cindy makes it up with, say, more natural age-defying ways. “It’s just really looking after myself, being healthy, being active, eating well, sleeping well, exercising, taking vitamins, and then you can look after everyone else.” It's also about keeping lesser worries in your head, she said. “The more we worry, the more it shows. If we take away the worry, the more relaxed we’re going to be. The more relaxed we are, the more we shine our beauty,” she said.

Overall, Cindy declared, it's all about being confident within. “It’s also about knowing you’re doing the best for yourself that you can.” Aging has its own natural course, she said, so it would also help for women not to fret about it. "We shouldn’t walk through life thinking that us, as women, we aren’t allowed to age. We’re absolutely allowed to age and aging is not contrary to being beautiful,” she stressed. “I think that the more you age, the more content and the more you realize what your life should be like and the more content you can feel about your life. The more content you are, the more beautiful you’re going to be.” 

Curious how Cindy has aged gracefully over time? Go through our gallery!

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