Homes We Love: Welcome To The Crawfords' Resort-Like Home In The Middle Of Busy QC!

Homes We Love: Welcome To The Crawfords' Resort-Like Home In The Middle Of Busy QC!

Neutral but not dull, classic yet contemporary. This, plus just the right touch of minimalism is how one can describe the house of celebrity couple Coleen and Billy Crawford who moved in together in Quezon City a month after getting married in April last year.

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“If you look at our house, it's like a blank canvas. Somebody even called it a Muji home because it’s very white! It’s just very white with a little bit of wood and accents,” Coleen told ABS-CBN Lifestyle at the launch of home fragrance brand Caroll&Chan in the Philippines. It's an aesthetic fit, she said, for the space. “The house from the outside, it doesn’t look like much but when you go inside, it’s so maaliwalas and it looks like the air you breathe is so fresh because it’s so spacious."

The Crawford home, the couple continued, pretty much adhered to their complementary tastes. “(Billy and I) really made it fit our personality. We kind of have the same taste,” Coleen said. “She has a masculine eye din. She likes certain masculine looks, which I find interesting and cute at the same time," Billy specified.

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The house follows an all-white theme, which, the couple reiterated, wasn't a piece of cake when it came to the maintenance. Regular cleaning with an aid from helpers, they agreed, is what it then utmost required. Yet, it's this pure color that has perfectly made the residence into an instant place of refuge. Say, a resort in the middle of a bustling metro. Billy and Coleen particularly looked enthused over the big patch of land that nobody owns at the back of the property, thus completing the breezy, carefree vibe of the place. “There’s like a little forest or a little grassland behind us,” Coleen said. “When we first moved into the house, we realized every sunrise that the birds at the back sing. They don’t just chirp—they communicate with each other through songs! I thought it was coming from the neighbors—a speaker playing—but it was actually the birds! There’s like a whole ecosystem happening behind us.” Billy could only add, “It completes the resort feel, so we feel like we’re not actually in QC.”

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Beyond just the space, Billy and Coleen's army of dogs and cats has made their crib, well, a lot homier. “Sila yung sasalubong eh!” Billy said in glee. “When we come in, everywhere we go—from the outside to the kitchen to the living room—there are pets everywhere!" Coleen, the bigger pet lover between the two, continued. "I always say I feel like Snow White or Cinderella whenever I’m walking inside the house because all of them follow me. It’s different because we both work so sometimes, I go home and he’s not there, so the pets really do keep us happy!”

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