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Style Inspo: These Stylish K-Pop Idols Surely Know How To Look "Boyfriend Material"

Style Inspo: These Stylish K-Pop Idols Surely Know How To Look



When it comes to finding the right guy, we all have different sets of criteria. From possessing musical abilities to having a sense of humor that matches yours, our "type" can be defined by so various qualities. But one of the characteristics that instantly charm us girls is a sense of style. You have to admit that there's just something that makes a guy ten times more attractive when he makes an effort to look good through his outfits! 

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He doesn't have to look like a high-fashion model; all we dream of is someone who shows that he cares enough to dress up and impress us. That's why it's no surprise that we're head-over-heels when it comes to K-pop male idols because they effortlessly come up with outfits that are made of boyfriend material. From EXO Kai's flawless patterned suit to Kang Daniel's smart casual ensemble, check out the looks that makes them a total boyfriend material in our eyes!

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