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From The Editor: Fiercer And Wiser, #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Jessy Mendiola Is Ready To Rule Digital!

From The Editor: Fiercer And Wiser, #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Jessy Mendiola Is Ready To Rule Digital!

While it has the power to democratize information, encourage opinions, and instigate movements, social media has proven to be a toxic tool, too, with everyone taking our smartphones for granted these days. It's more so for women who encounter judgments, prejudices, and sexual offenses right to their face. Actress Jessy Mendiola is no stranger to these things, with some of her posts and news items or features on her drawing criticisms almost every time. It can be about her weight, her clothes, her acting, her relationship, and so on.

Yet, last January, Jessy launched her digital persona—on a bigger scale. While she does keep an Instagram and a Twitter quite actively, her YouTube account came to be as her more structured and solidified way of documenting her "simple" life, connecting to her fans, and most important of all, shedding light on who she really is. There'd no in-between, no third party to tell her what to do and who to talk to, no restrictions, no restraint. You'd think it's an easier and faster way for a sometimes-bashed personality like Jessy to retaliate or counter with a "propaganda" like some pseudo-politicians we know. But it was never that way, she said. "Through my Youtube account, I want to share with you the Jessy who’s in love with life and the people around her. How she conquered her fears and how she turned the negative into a positive change. Together let’s find out more about love, life and fitness!" she wrote on her YouTube About page, now at 81,000 followers and counting.

This Women's Month, to signal her full immersion into the digital world, Jessy fittingly takes on her first guest editor role on ABS-CBN Lifestyle. Our newest #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo is a new generation digital maven, armed not just with an all-out YouTube platform but also a new online clothing business meant to inspire and empower young women. For her contributed content this month, she picks up from her experiences spanning her almost-15-year career. She's fiercer, wiser, and more enthused than ever to use online media in reminding us to enjoy life instead!

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