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In Focus: What Julia Barretto Loved About Her Week-Long South American Adventure

In Focus: What Julia Barretto Loved About Her Week-Long South American Adventure

In February, Julia Barretto embarked on what should have been a two-week trip to South America, leaving friends, family, and fans to go green with envy (and live vicariously through her travels). Judging from her Instagram, it was as if she having the time of her life. She walked the streets of Cuba. She relaxed beachside in Mexico. She even visited tourist spots in Peru. In between, Julia also engaged with locals, ate like them, bonded with her bestie Cheryl Alba, and looked impeccable doing so (major props to her stylist Cath Sobrevaga!).

But pictures don’t tell the whole story. A week in, the actress tweeted her decision to fly back to the Philippines—homesickness being the reason. As soon as she landed on familiar shores, we asked her thoughts on her latest vacay!

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1. The entire trip didn’t take long (and much) to organize. “I barely had preparations for it,” Julia admits. “Final planning actually happened a few days before.”

2. This was her first time to travel by herself. “I couldn’t believe I was able to handle paperwork, flights, and carry my own big luggage,” she recalls. As if those weren’t hard enough, the actress opened up about the problems she encountered at the airport, on her tours, and while changing trips. “I always depend on other people to do it or to help, but sometimes when you’re in a situation you don’t know… it’s like survival mode.”

3. She took advantage of the sightseeing. “One of the most interesting things that happened during my trip was being able to see two out of the seven Wonders of the World,” she shares. The actress was referring to Machu Picchu in Peru and Chichen Itza in Mexico. “You don’t get to do that in your everyday life!”

4. Despite cutting it short, she’s grateful for the experience. “I feel like I’ve become more independent and mature,” she reflects. “I was able to learn more about myself in times of stress and struggles…in the sense of what I’m capable of doing when I’m alone.”

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Photographs courtesy of OPPO and the official Instagram account of Julia Barretto



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