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Hot Stuff: Here's Why Captain Marvel Isn't Just Your Typical Girl Power Superhero

Hot Stuff: Here's Why Captain Marvel Isn't Just Your Typical Girl Power Superhero



The wait is finally over as Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel officially hit the cinemas to introduce to us the first stand-alone, female-franchise title character Carol Danvers playe by Academy award-winning actress Brie Larson.

Set in the 1990s, the film follows Carol's journey as she becomes the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the story unfolds, she finds herself in the middle of figuring out who she truly is and fighting a galactic war between two alien races that reaches the Earth.

Before the film's release, we've already expected that it's going to be a must-watch since director Anna Boden gave us a hint that superhero Captain Marvel is an extremely important part of the MCU. She adds, "She's a new character who is unlike any of the other characters, who is her own unique self, and who goes on a journey of self-discovery along with the audiences who go to see her." But we can attest that whatever assumptions you've had from the trailer or theories wouldn't prepare you for what it the film actually is.

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Although the Marvel universe always had powerful female characters like Black Widow and the women of Wakanda, Captain Marvel perfectly exemplified female empowerment and equality. Carol is the embodiment of determination, intelligence, and confidence and shows that we don't need men's approval on how we should live our lives.

Another thing that we admired about this film is how it reminded us of the daily struggles that women face in our society, like when Carol was told to smile more by a stranger or was persuaded to prove her worthiness to Yon Rogg, the Kree Starforce Commander, played by Jude Law. And, as expected of our new-found girl power inspo, she rose above all of these conflicts.

If Avengers: Infinity War left you wrecked, then we're here to tell you that our home girl might just be the one restore what Thanos has turned into dust. That's why to further give her the appreciation that Carol, A.KA. Captain Marvel, deserves, swipe through our gallery and check out the reasons why she's the female hero we never we knew we desperately needed!

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