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In Focus: Why We Think PBB Otso's Lou Yanong And André Brouillette Would Make A Cute Couple

In Focus: Why We Think PBB Otso's Lou Yanong And André Brouillette Would Make A Cute Couple


After announcing the Big 4 from the first batch of teen housemates of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the popular reality show gathered a new set of bright-eyed individuals to form the first batch of the adult housemates. These lucky housemates included the 21-year-old "Rampa Sister of Mandaluyong" Lou Yanong and 21-year-old "Amazing Alo-Hunk of Hawaii" André Brouillette, a duo that immediately caught the attention of the viewers with their model status charm!

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In just a span of one week, we already saw the two getting closer that some viewers even started shipping them! But it was when André had a chance to talk to their fellow housemate Tori Garcia that he admitted his true feelings towards Lou! Everyone definitely felt kilig with his confession especially the housemates who found out about it afterwards.

According to his confession, he started liking Lou since the first week in the house, but what stopped him from acting on his feelings was how he considered their former housemate Abi who had feelings for him. He shared, “The whole thing with Abi totally restricted me from anything with her because I felt bad if I tried to do anything with Lou, Abi knowing that she had feelings, I kinda felt like me going for Lou in this whole situation was not the right thing to do.” 

After this sweet revelation, the only thing everyone's waiting for was for André to confess his feelings to Lou personally. And with the help of the other housemates, André prepared a special dinner just for the two of them. He handed her a stuffed toy and a letter where he shared his true feelings for her. Lou, in turn, confessed her feelings for him, too!


Their love story inside the house is indeed a magical and beautiful one, that's why you can't blame us if we're so excited to see these two posting cute photos together once they leave the house. While we're dying of anticipation, swipe through our gallery and check out the reasons why we ship #LouDre so hard!

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