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Fitness Inspo: At 44, The Steaming Ina Raymundo Has This Childhood Habit She Never Wants To Outgrow

Fitness Inspo: At 44, The Steaming Ina Raymundo Has This Childhood Habit She Never Wants To Outgrow

It would be hard calling Ina Raymundo a former sexy actress, because in her 40s, the fit and bubbly veteran is still scorchin'. Also considering, she's a mom of five. It’s not all an easy feat, but here she is, showing us that looking like THAT even after having kids, is definitely possible.

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How do you define being "classic?"

I like that word because I would say that I’m such a classic kind of girl. For me it’s “timeless.” It’s like a “forever” thing for me.

When people look at you, who do you think they see or think?

It depends on who sees me, but I think people see me as a very down-to-earth and an easy-going person, definitely. Because it’s how I project myself. I’m very friendly, I’m very laid-back. What you see is what you get. Some people may sense that I’m a sensual person. Men might think that I’m a flirt, but I’m just very friendly. That’s why before, I could never ever have a jealous boyfriend—it would drive him crazy!

What are three interesting facts about you that is not common knowledge?

I’m a very passionate person. In everything that I do, I have so much passion in me. Like when I sing, when I dance, when I work out, when I make love, really! I’m a passionate person!

I’m very affectionate. I can’t live without touching, like, my kids, my friends, my co-workers. I just love to touch, I love to hug. I’m a touchy-feely person.

I’m asthmatic. Because everyone thinks that I’m fit and healthy, and I am, but I am very asthmatic also. It’s like I get triggered all the time by smoke, cigarettes, even perfume. It gets worse actually. It affects my energy. That’s why I can’t even run outside because of the pollution!

What is something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Courtship. I’m a romantic person. I like it the old fashioned way where I receive roses, chocolates, love letters. You know, the old fashioned way. Kahit serenade pa nga, I’d like that.

What are some of your childhood habits that you thought you would outgrow but haven’t?

Daydreaming! I still daydream a lot! And I used to do that when I was young. I remember when I was in school, I used to daydream, then my teacher would say “Raymundo!” and I wouldn’t know what to say kasi wala talaga, as in lutang.

What’s the most surprising self-realization you’ve had?

The older I get, I realize that I’m a simple person, that I don’t really need material things. I can see myself living a simple life, like, I want to travel but I want to live a simple life. Like, I don’t need expensive bags—because I used to. Although everyone goes through that, like you want to have the best bag, or the best shoes. But now it’s not important to me. I’m just a simple person.

What’s the best and worst thing about getting older?

The aches and pains, like the pain in my joints, like arthritis. I have it already, in both my knees. I don’t like that part! The best thing is having wisdom. You’re more insightful, you’re more appreciative of what you have, you’re more mababaw.

How different was your life 10 years ago?

Siguro back then, my life was more boring? Because I was really into mothering—smothering my kids! I was so into motherhood. I was a full-time mom, but now I’m working more, so I think my life is more exciting now. And one of the sayings that I remember is that life begins at forty. I remember hearing that when I was 30, and I was thinking if that made sense. But, yeah, it’s true. Life really does begin at 40.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

I’ll be 53. Definitely I won’t be a lola, so I’d probably be busy flying all around. I’ll be following my kids, where they’ll go to school, cause they’ll be in college, where they’ll probably be working, and they’ll definitely not be here. I have a feeling they’ll be somewhere else, and I’ll be visiting them. So, I’ll be busy traveling. I’ll be busy with my family, and I’ll be working, still, but I’ll be busy with my family. I’ll still be fit, and I’ll probably be on the cover of a men’s magazine at 53! Ha ha!

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Produced and directed by Mels Timan and Jeffrey Hidalgo | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Camille Santiago | Makeup by Carmel Villongco for Dior | Hair by Triple Luck Brow & Hair Salon | Shot on location at Discovery Suites Ortigas

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