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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Robi Domingo: This Is My Version Of Modern Courtship

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Robi Domingo: This Is My Version Of Modern Courtship

Paano ako manligaw? Hmm. Let's just say, matagal pero mabisa! Ha ha! If you want my own, personal tip, I would say you have to "strategize" everything. You have to do a little planning, and make sure every date is going to be a perfect one. You also have to be smooth and gentle in the conversation—walang stalking na magaganap about your past. I can ask you about it, and I will just be there to listen.

For me, hosting does help you in an era of relationships when everything seems just online. You get to talk. You get to converse. A lot.

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But how do you build a conscious connection with somebody? Don’t cheat. Travel together. Try out different cuisines—different experiences! And you also have to trust the person. To do that, you need to establish open communication lines and you have to be transparent about things. Most importantly, not only do you have to love the person, but you have to like them as well. 

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There’s a big difference between love and like. Love is all about emotion—when you say love, it’s wanting the best for the person. Like is finding something that sparks love again. That’s why you have to find things exciting for both of you to do and keep things interesting with new experiences so that you remain hooked in your relationship. Sometimes, kung nawawala yung "likability" nila, you forget to love the person as well. Love and like should go hand in hand.

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