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Cheat Sheet: This Is How I Pulled Off My Very Own 'Carrie Bradshaw Courthouse Wedding'

Cheat Sheet: This Is How I Pulled Off My Very Own 'Carrie Bradshaw Courthouse Wedding'

By Mafe Silva 

Every girl dreams to walk down the aisle and say "I do" to the love of her life, with family and friends there witnessing. And by then, she’d be at her most beautiful, and that the affair would be something as fancy in the movies, or as ceremonious and traditional like what a culture like ours dictates.

I was once that girl.

Along the way, however, adulting hit me. Engaged at 33, I would wake up to couples around me planning-slash-expecting for a baby, hosting gender reveal parties, attending school PTA meetings, or simply enjoying parenthood. I was basically late to the party. (When my mom was my age, she already had five children!)

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Who would’ve thought I—a self-confessed kikay and fashionista exposed to trends and everything as a multimedia marketing practitioner—would go on fancying courthouse unions on Pinterest? The wedding portraits I’ve seen on the site may not be as grand as I had once imagined—yet, they still gave off so much love, joy, and that… thrill. The spontaneity of it all was more than enough to make me think I could be a free spirit like Carrie Bradshaw on Sex And The City, too, especially when she married Mr. Big at the courtroom. Iconic.

I myself would live to fulfill that fantasy just recently, having exchanged vows with my beau of seven years in front of the Mandaluyong City Hall judge last January. (The fantasy included my parents not knowing until this very moment—surprise, Mom and Dad!) With Sarah Jessica Parker's character as my peg, I pulled it all off in, yes, a little over two weeks. Here’s how I did it!

1. Build a concept deck. It doesn’t have to be as meticulous as the one for a church wedding—we will have one, in 2020, don’t worry! But for your civil union, it still needs to be done. It should contain visin boards for the attire, the bouquet, the portraits, the wedding bands, the tokens, etc. The trick here? Keep it simple. With my wedding as an example, the theme can be as no-fuss as black and white corporate chic. Think classic Jo Malone!

2. DIY your bouquet. It’s part of the fun customizing your own, really! You can opt for fresh white blooms from the neighborhood flower shop—like, white mums, which are not expensive but still as elegant. In floristry, these flowers symbolize loyalty, love and devotion.

3. Be a little more wais on your dress. True, it would feel better to have designer label on your back for your wedding day. But civil unions need not compel you to wear couture! Try looking for treasures online—some would even lead you to surprising discounts for your OOTD! If it doesn’t work the first time, just submit it for minimal alterations!

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4. Dine out. For obvious practicality reasons, your guests should just be a handful. Keep it lowkey by simply reserving a big table at some favorite restaurant for a casual feast! My hubby and I chose something that sparked brunch memories—Bread Broth & Beyond at SM Cherry Wack Wack.

5. Go easy on your photos. This age, it’s all about what’s Instagrammable, especially for special events like a wedding. But don’t fret. Just have some pegs for your shots, do an ocular of the venue, hire a photog, and then when the time comes, just live in the moment! Our photographer—my hubby’s best friend, Gabriel Oblefias, would tell us on our Big Day, “Just be yourselves guys!”

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Photos from Mafe Silva 



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