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#ChalkLovesLizQuen: Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil On 'What Ifs' And Perfect Timing

#ChalkLovesLizQuen: Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil On 'What Ifs' And Perfect Timing


It was in 2013 when we first saw Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil grace our screens as a potential love team in the film Must Be… Love starred by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Liza’s character was in a love triangle with KathNiel’s Patchot and Ivan, with Enrique only making a cameo towards the conclusion of the movie, alluded as her new-found love. And like a bolt from the blue, this sparked the LizQuen phenomenon which rivaled all on-screen tandems of their age.

Six years later, Liza and Enrique–with their proven chemistry and beyond flawless charm–are currently the entertainment industry’s golden couple. Fittingly so, the two just confirmed their relationship of “more than two years” during their recent Gandang Gabi Vice guesting. Gone are the days when Enrique would debunk dating rumors, saying that he’d prefer to wait because Liza was much younger than him as she was only 16 when they were paired up. Now, both at 26 and 21 respectively, it’s refreshing to witness how Enrique and Liza have bred a matured confidence in themselves and grown significantly together and as individuals.

Speaking of–the two are currently at the forefront of showbiz news as they star in Black Sheep's Valentine film Alone Together. Taking on the roles of Tin and Raf with a story that sprung from a (much relatable) UP-UST romance that fell apart, their paths cross as young professionals struggling through their careers, relationships, and aspirations as any twenty-something would.

“Eight years after [the breakup], we meet again. That’s where the story really starts,” Enrique teases. “Am I still the same Raf? Is she still the same Tin? Did we change the world? Or did the world change us?”

It’s a journey that anyone who experienced letting go of someone they loved can identify with. From wondering how things would have ended up to feeling curious about how the other person’s life has turned out, the “could have beens” cross our minds from time to time, depending on the impact that has been left on us.

For Enrique, his own philosophy lies on taking risks than plainly giving up, on having “oh wells” than being plagued by “what ifs”. “It’s better to have ‘oh wells’ because, at least, you know the outcome, instead of asking ‘What if?’ It’s always going to be at the back of your mind, it’s never going to stop haunting you,” he explains. “Maybe some people get over it, but sa akin talaga, I don’t want to regret anything.” And in terms of having that fear of failing, he adds, “You are more than your mistakes. So don’t think of who you were. Think of who you’re supposed to be. If you believe in something deep in your heart, go for it.”

Another concept that would tug at our fragile heartstrings is how Tin and Raf had to go their separate ways when they were younger only to find their way back to each other again. Dating-wise, going with the flow and letting the chips fall where they may is the current default, considering the fast-paced lifestyle and career-oriented behavior of millennials. If things don’t work out, we just shrug it off, tell ourselves that the timing was probably off, and hinge on the idea that “what’s meant to be will be” anyway.

So, is timing really crucial in building relationships? “I can’t say that there is such a thing as ‘perfect timing' for anything in life,” Liza says. One mantra that she lives by is that our future is always stirred by how we live in the present. “It’s just a matter of grabbing the wheel, taking control over what is happening at that moment, and choosing what direction you want to drive to–whether it’s your love life or career.”

Photos courtesy of Black Sheep

With these millennial-targeted themes tackled in the movie, both Liza and Enrique say that director Antoinette Jadaone’s distinctness is found in her fresh take on storytelling. “She’s very relatable,” Liza comments. Just like her previous films That Thing Called Tadhana and Never Not Love You, Direk Antoinette’s Alone Together exudes a certain rawness that easily hits home. “It’s a romantic film, but it’s more than just love,” Enrique says. “It’s all about the different problems that the characters go through as college students and yuppies when it comes to [pursuing] their dreams. I’m sure everybody had a dream once. The question is ‘Are you living your dream? If not, are you happy with where you are now?’”

As for Liza and Enrique, it seems that they're getting by just fine in terms of ticking their career goals off and beyond. From filming in New York to bringing relevant characters to life, Alone Together is another feather in LizQuen's cap and, more importantly, an opportunity to send a stirring message to a generation who's constantly on the verge of losing touch with the wide-eyed yet purpose-driven version of themselves.

Photographed by Andrea Beldua
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Aldrin Ramos

Assisted by Daphne Aranilla and Sammie Rodriguez
Makeup by Tristan Ong
Hair by Brent Sales
Grooming by Joseph Rally Torres
Video by Spotlight Creatives

Cover - On Liza: Shirt by Bench; On Enrique: Suit by Paulo Lazaro, Shirt by Bench
Solos - On Liza: Coat and skirt by Paulo Lazaro, Shoes by Charles & Keith; On Enrique: Clothes by Bench

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