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Hottie Alert: Here's Why TWICE's Nayeon Is The Cutest Fake Maknae Ever

Hottie Alert: Here's Why TWICE's Nayeon Is The Cutest Fake Maknae Ever



In K-pop, the youngest one in a group is called the maknae. Although Koreans in general may have a secret pass to the fountain of youth, maknaes are always noticeably the most youthful among the group in the way they act and how the other members take care of them like a real baby. But there are cases when the older members are mistaken for the maknae because they look and act like it!

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One of the most popular "fake maknaes" of this generation is TWICE's very own Im Nayeon who is actually the oldest in the group. Born in the year 1995, Nayeon became a trainee in 2010 when she secretly tried out and  passed JYP Entertainment's 7th Open Audition. Even during her days when she was one of the competitors in the girl group survival show Sixteen, many people already noticed how she looked way younger than her age.

And when Nayeon debuted as an official member of TWICE back in 2015, fans couldn't stop noticing how she looked and acted like the maknae more than the youngest member Chou Tzuyu who's four years her junior. Aside from her cutesy appeal, bright personality, and irresistible chubby cheeks, check out more reasons why we think that Nayeon is the best fake maknae ever! 

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