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In Focus: PBB Otso's Gian Wang and Missy Quino Just Gave A New Meaning To Young Love

In Focus: PBB Otso's Gian Wang and Missy Quino Just Gave A New Meaning To Young Love


Being a teenager and in love may be one of the most beautiful experiences we'll ever have in our lives. But at the same time, it's also the most controversial things thrown out there on the market of conversation today. The older generation has made a habit of telling the younger ones that they don’t understand the concept of love because they’re too young. It’s a touchy subject, and everyone has their opinion about it. 

But here’s the thing: We were brought into this world based on the idea of love, and the idea that there is a connection holding us together. We are told growing up that, one day, we will meet our significant other. However, this idea should be put aside not until we have graduated high school. As a teenager, for sure you have struggled with this logic, as well as many of your friends. Maybe you some of you might ask, "Why not?" "Why does love have to have an age?" "Why can’t our feelings be real?"

In the local biz, probably one of the teen love stories that got us bursting with kilig over the past weeks are PBB Otso teen housemates Gian Wang and Missy Quino's. Recently, these two admitted that they have feelings for each other in an episode of Tonight With Boy Abunda. “We see each other's imperfections but despite that, he admired me in that way,” Missy said. Both at the age of 17, we love how these two bravely shared their romantic feelings and revealed that they are not rushing things and are waiting for the right moment that their hearts can carry their feelings. Watch their full interview below to know what we’re talking about:

For more good vibes from this young love team, in the gallery above, we compiled their most adorable moments together to make you believe that teenage love really exist. After all, love shouldn't be reserved for certain age groups. The purest love is found by the purest of heart. So in the end, it really shouldn’t matter if you’re only 17.

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