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Fitness Inspo: Almost 50, Actress-Turned-Vlogger Alice Dixson Is Nothing But Fresh And Vibrant!

Fitness Inspo: Almost 50, Actress-Turned-Vlogger Alice Dixson Is Nothing But Fresh And Vibrant!

Forgetfulness and appearance change are just some of the inevitable many dread of when talking about getting older. Yet, Alice Dixson—who's nearly 50—doesn't mind. Her charm and glamour still turn heads, making her easily stand out from the crowd. She's feeling—and looking—younger than before; and In fact, she even started on her vlog—making her a new darling among millennials!

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How do you define being "classic?"

I think, for me, "classic" is something that never goes out of style.

When people look at you, what do you think they see or think?

Well, a lot people that I bumped into, as of recent, naiinis sila sa akin because of the role that I play for Ngayon at Kailanman, like a lot of them bumped into me and said, “Please be nice to Inno and Eva.” They are the teenage characters that are on our show. I’m hoping that it will dissipate once the show is over and when they see me—the real me—maybe they see that, "Oh, Alice is straightforward!" It's hard to describe yourself pero ako I see myself kasi as not just straightforward, but a practical person. You know, when I make decision on something, pinag-isipan ko 'yun, so I know what I want and I try my best to be clear. I can’t say that I’m very patient, but I like to see result kasi in whatever I do. So, I expect that from other people and how they see me, is not the way I perceive myself so that’s the way I think I come across to people. Sometimes, I can be intimidating kasi because of my straightforwardness pero ang sa akin kasi, kung paligoy-ligoy ka pa, you will never come across firmly on what you mean, and that’s one of the things that I’ve learned as I’ve gone older. You know, time is precious and you need to be who you are, say what you mean and mean what you say and do things that will bring you joy because you never know what your future holds! So, enjoy mo na ngayon habang may chance ka and make things better in your life, to make your life easier and happier. Ultimately, 'yun naman talaga ang goal.

What are three interesting facts about you that people may not know?

A lot of people don’t know and I don’t think naikuwento ko ‘to to anybody—aside from family and friends. When I was in Canada, I had several odd jobs—jobs that I never thought I would take on. As a Filipino who’s worked in the Philippines most of my life, sinasabi sa Canada you need to get into North American experiences. So, ang mga level work entry or jobs nila are more on yung gas station attendees, people who worked like a servant in a restaurant, people who clean, etc. 'Yun yung mga entry jobs for a lot of Filipinos in Canada, unless you have a special skill. Ako naman kasi my skill was acting and I did try to apply or audition for shows, kaya lang hindi naman ako nakukuha. Maybe I would be called back on the second and third audition, but I would never be actually selected for a role so that was frustrating because hindi ko magawa yung love kong trabaho sa ibang bansa. So, what odd jobs did I do? One, I was a host in a restaurant, as in the one who actually sits the costumers. Two, I would help the servers na parang get the initial order for drinks maybe, or help out clean the kitchen. Sometimes, hindi pala ako nag-c-clean up sa kitchen, I would clean the façade of the restaurant and then later on, the manager saw that I have potential so they wanted me to train as a server, and I wanted it for a while, maybe a month, pero naisip ko this is not actually what I love doing, hindi ko siya passion and it’s just for experience. The next job that I did was I did retail for a couple of months din and 'yun ay in a shop in downtown Vancouver. Boutique shop siya and it sold like special little knick knacks lang, little memorabilia, key chain, accessories—wala naman syang outstanding theme. But the owner had a collection of hats, shirts, and different things.

I did that for a couple of months just to help out, and the next thing that I did, I was also a production assistant for a TV company called "Canadian Television" and worked on a live show. I think it was the Vicki Gabereau show and she was the host, para syang The Oprah Winfrey Show—almost but not really. I was really the go-to girl: I would get coffee, I would help backstage, I would attend to guests. One time, our guest was Michael Bublé, we had a lot of Canadian artists on our show but 'di ko kilala mga Canadian artists back then. 'Di ko alam na napaka-sikat pala nila in Canada! The other job that I did was I shadowed one of my communication teachers there. Her name was Julia Foy. She was a field reporter, so a couple of days I would go out with her, and I would go out in the field with her to see kung ano yung mga news-worthy reports that she would do and how she would produce her own news reports then she would send them back to the head office.

What is something that you like to do the old-fashioned way?

I guess dating. I like to get to know someone really well with dinner, and going out. And I like receiving flowers and cards! We’ve lost the art of letter-writing now, puro e-mail na. Sometimes, I make notes on paper lang. Sometimes, I do it digital so it’s on my phone. It depends on what I am writing for.

What are the childhood habits you thought you'd outgrow but didn't?

I never actually thought of that question because I think you always need to have child-like qualities in you and never really wanted to grow out of them. As a child, I was very independent. I liked going out and making friends. I learned how to ride the public bus, I think mga 10 or 11. And then I also did my own laundry and washed the dishes when I was 10. Kids here in the Philippines don't know anything. Bine-baby pa. Also, being a fan of being in front of the camera kasi I noticed when I was younger, I used to talk and act in front of the mirror. But instead of the mirror now, I do it in front of the camera—not something that you really want to grow out of.

What’s the most surprising self-realization you’ve had?

I realized that as I’ve come to become an adult, I have a better vision or clarity on the things I want to do for the rest of my life. Every day, I worked towards that goal. My self-realization before was that, if you don’t have the goal, there’s no sense of accomplishment. You’re just floating around, just waiting for the next things to happen. Yesterday, I went to Chinatown because I did a feature on my YouTube channel for the Year of The Pig to be lucky, healthy, wealthy, and wise for the Chinese New Year. My friend, who I asked, ‘’What are your plans for 2019?’’ She said, "Bahala na ang Diyos." And I was like, "What does that mean? You want to do something with your life, right? So you don’t have some plans and ideas?" She has plans pero parang pinauubaya nalang niya sa Diyos yung mga gusto niyang gawin so she didn’t want to plan. So, when we spoke to the horoscope person, they addressed her concern. They said, "God will provide and will illuminate and reveal the things that you should be doing but there needs to be a goal and action to move forward in life. Don’t just be stagnant and wait for the apple to fall from the tree." So, for me, I like to plan my year, na, "Okay, this is the year I wanna have. I wanna envision it."

What’s the best and worst thing about getting older?

The best thing is, you know what you want. Before my parent died, I was just guided by their hopes and dreams for me. But as I became my own person, I realized you can continue to do things that spark joy in your life. A person can do anything in their life. They can take up to whatever direction they wanna go. If you are not happy in the day to day and hindi fulfilling yung ginagawa mo, then you must re-examine why you are doing these things and find a way to penetrate into those activities that are aligned with where you want to be in the next year. The worst thing about getting older is your body can’t do the things it could do before. I mean, you can try to train it but iba when you were more resilient.

How different was your life 10 years ago?

It was very different because I lived in Canada. I only moved back to the Philippines in 2011. In 2009, I was working as an employee for a Canadian real estate company, and mas simple ang buhay ko noon. I didn’t have a driver, maid, or anything like that, but you know, it was a good time to learn who I was becomin. Ten years ago was the real transition for me to choose to come back to the Philippines. It was really my mom who engaged me to take a trip back to the Philippines with her. Sya yung nangulit na gusto nya bumalik ng Pilipinas and that vacation turned out to be the process of moving back here. I didn’t think I’d stay here for that long but ito na, eight to nine years later, andito pa ako.

And also, 10 years ago, I was married. It’s much different not because I am divorced. I am happier now. I am more content. You know, no life is perfect but I am happy with what I have. I am grateful for the things that I have been given. As I journey into becoming 50 in 2019, I said I wanted to be the best of how I read a lot of people who are not well. Madami silang karamdaman sa katawan, and I just want to maintain my belief system and also show that you know, age is just a number. We can be the best representation at the best of we can be, we are turning the page to become a golden girl. Now, some people say, I am an exception to the rule but I don’t believe that. I believe, there’s so many people who are healthy and happy because they actually made an effort. To me, it’s an effort to be fit. So, I really think it’s something that you can learn and I like to teach these things in my vlog. I like to share healthy and beauty and fitness tips so looking at just this year alone, I know I'm going to be doing more vlogs, lifestyle, travel, leisure!

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Produced and directed by Mels Timan and Jeffrey Hidalgo | Interview by Jeffrey Hidalgo | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Camille Santiago | Makeup by Carmel Villongco for Dior | Hair by Triple Luck Brow & Hair Salon | Shot on location at Discovery Suites Ortigas

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