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Style Inspo: Julia Barretto's Stylist Shares Fashion Tips For Flat-Chested Girls

Style Inspo: Julia Barretto's Stylist Shares Fashion Tips For Flat-Chested Girls


An inevitable aspect of being a girl is having certain insecurities about our bodies. And one of the things that plague our self-esteem is being flat-chested. While the media glorifies hourglass figures, there's a tendency for those who are born with a more petite built to feel less.

But thanks to the body positivity movement that has risen in the millennial era, we're gradually feeling more and more encouraged to drop our insecurites and love our bodies the way it was naturally made. And one of the girls who champion being flat-chested is the ever-stunning Julia Barretto.

In her recent interview with Boy Abunda, the 21-year-old actress talked about how wearing a bra makes her feel uncomfortable, adding, "Nagta-try naman 'yung bra ko pero wala talaga siyang makapitan." And that, our friends, is the battle cry of every flat-chested femme out there!

Fashion-wise, Julia also radiates confidence in a way that she doesn't let this common insecurity get in the way of expressing herself through her wardrobe choices. She's often spotted wearing pieces with body-hugging silhouettes and low necklines, and she owns her outfits like the body positivity icon that she is!

In case you're a flat-chested gal who wants to break out of your shell in terms of dressing up, we got in touch with Julia's stylist Cath Sobrevega to talk us into flaunting our bodies through fashion. Here, she shares her top three tips that will give you that extra nudge to be bolder with your style choices just like Julia!

1. You don't have to limit yourself when it comes to dressing up.

If you have a petite upper body, you may feel conscious about wearing certain cuts or necklines. But according to Cath, there aren't any specific types of clothing that you should avoid. She says, "Being flat-chested gives you more choices for clothing because boobs aren’t an issue for you at all!" Remember Julia's mini dress with a draped neckline during the ABS-CBN Ball? Perhaps, you can rock something similar, too! 

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2. Nipple tapes are your best friend.

Julia has mentioned that she only wears nipple tapes instead of bras, and Cath can attest to this. "It’s funny because we’re the same, I don’t wear a bra, too," she reveals. "Nipple tape is our holy grail!" So if a bra makes you feel uncomfy, then take it from a stylist and opt for this wardrobe must-have, so you can feel freer to wear just about anything!

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3. Embrace your body with confidence.

When asked how Julia found her confidence, Cath shares that she didn't have to persuade Julia to experiment with her fashion choices, saying, "Julia is all for body positivity and self love ever since. She’s all about embracing and loving your body in whatever form it may be." If you ever feel less because of your natural built, Cath adds, "It’s cool to be flat chested. Just look at Kate Moss or Natalie Portman—all these models and celebrities share your struggle and embrace it. Just be comfortable with your body because life is too short to be insecure." 

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Thanks to girls like Julia and Cath, we feel more empowered to strip ourselves from our body issues and let our natural beauty shine through. For more outfit inspo for the flat-chested girl, check out our gallery above for Julia's best looks!

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