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From The Editor: Operation: Upgrade Your Life This 2019 With #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Laureen Uy!

From The Editor: Operation: Upgrade Your Life This 2019 With #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Laureen Uy!

Don't you just love it every time we shift calendars? New Year, frankly, for a lot of reasons, excites me more than Christmas. Among these, I figured—while Christmas centers more on socializing that would result to inadvertent gluttony and unnecessary consumerism, New Year puts you in a state of self-evaluation that would lead to hopefullly a better, neater, smarter, calmer, happier you. Generally, we do like being in with the new—new diet, new clothes or office and home supplies, a new condo unit, a new gym subscription, etc.—yet we treat this less as gastos but more as investments for a more productive and peace-of-mind-granting year ahead.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Laureen Uy joins us aim for that much-needed life upgrade. Laureen is recreating herself recently, too—gone are the days when she'd post a set of neon and tiger print-laden OOTDs just for the heck of it. (We made her look back at these #tbt photos in a future video! It was hi-lar-ious!) She is now a social media giant who—along with her Filipino blogging contemporaries and besties Camille Co and Kryz Uy—is wielding a bigger responsibility with her every post on Instagram or Twitter. She now creates brand content and vlogs, too, on YouTube carrying nothing but deliberately-thought-of life hacks. Laureen also just ventured into hosting via Laureen On A Budget on iWant, where she walks us through money-saving tricks to survive inflation and its effects. In her series, the ukay advocate and high fashion lover shows us that she's indeed a mistress of mixing highs and lows. (Browse through our gallery to see her swag it out in designer pieces, yes, on the street!)

Laureen takes on another role as this year's first #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo. Together with ABS-CBN Lifestyle, our newest celebrity guest editor does what she does best—relaying substantial insights and once-elusive information through articles and videos to inspire us into living our best, most stellar year yet! Happy reading, Kapamilya!

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Produced by Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Cinematography by Christina Zabat | Interview by Mels Timan | Makeup Mac Igarta | Hair Muriel Vega Perez | Styling Randz Manucom | Nails Triple Luck Hair And Brow Salon | Shot on location at Z Hostel, 5660 Don Pedro, Makati City | Special thanks to Cao Ocampo of Z Hostel and Ogie Rodriguez

Banner image by Lui Jimenez



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