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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Laureen Uy: How Miggy And I Met And Then Connected

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Laureen Uy: How Miggy And I Met And Then Connected

I met Miggy through a common friend. He was introduced to me at bar. We didn’t really talk so much there but he got my number and messaged me the following day. Then, we saw each other at Close Up Forever Summer, where we decided to leave early. We would find ourselves talking for hours at a 24/7 restaurant.

That was the start of everything.

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Honestly, I knew we were going to be more than friends right away. We got along so well. We just clicked. He’s basically like me, but just in a guy’s body. The way our conversations were at the start of our dating period were things I’d only talk about with my besties or my family. For some reason, it was just so easy to talk to him about everything, nakakatawa man or seryosong usapan na.

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We always have dates at my place. Miggy loves to cook: his dishes are amazing and I honestly prefer his cooking than dining out. We also make it a point to travel for leisure at least once a year just to restart and come back fresh with new ideas in mind.

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I appreciate Miggy’s wit, kindness, and passion. It’s very important to talk to each other. That’s the key. We have this saying “Always beside, never behind.” We always remind each other that it’s all about reaching our own dreams, but the end goal will still be about our story, and when we reach the finish line, we’ll still be beside each other.

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