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#ABSCBNLifestyle Inspo Laureen Uy: Let Me Tell You Something About Our Loving Fam!

#ABSCBNLifestyle Inspo Laureen Uy: Let Me Tell You Something About Our Loving Fam!

I’m very close with both my siblings, mawala na lahat wag lang family ko. I was very makulit when I was young. I would always want to do what they were doing because it made me feel like an adult, too. Growing up, I loved my sibs' passion when it came to something they loved doing. I saw how hardworking they both were and told myself, "I want to be like that too after I graduate college."

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It makes work so much fun when I’m around them. We’re all in the same industry and we all love fashion! I love talking to them about work because I get inspired and learn so much from them. We’re all very comfortable with each other—like, it’s easier for Vince to direct me and tell me which poses look best. And it's the same for Liz when she's styling me because she knows my body all too well, from which parts I want to flaunt down to the ones I'd rather hide.

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To be honest, the older I grow, the more I get closer and closer to my family. We have more movie dates, more dinners, more bonding moments now. No matter how busy we are, we always make sure to see each other and catch up. They’re also both very loving and will always treat me like their little sister no matter what. Lumalabas talaga pagka-bunso ko when I’m with them. Our go-to whenever we have problems would be my brother Vince. If I need a slap-in-your-face but honest advice, I turn to Liz. I think she’s the realest person in the world and I love her for that. I’m so lucky I’m the bunso because I have the two of them taking care of me all the time!

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