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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Laureen Uy: So Much Of Who I Am Is Forged From Where I Have Been

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Laureen Uy: So Much Of Who I Am Is Forged From Where I Have Been

I’ve been blessed to travel so much for both work and play. I don’t think I have one favorite travel story because I’ve experienced a lot of beautiful memories when traveling. Off the top of my head, there’s Tel Aviv, which is such an unforgettable trip. It was for work and I was able to meet amazing influencers from around the world. Seeing the busy city on your right then the beach on your left was so surreal. I visited Jerusalem and got to see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was buried. I also got to swim in the Dead Sea.

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When you’re traveling for work, there’s always a schedule/ itinerary you follow and everything’s always rushed since you’re only there for a limited number of days, where you have daily deadlines to meet. Usually if it’s for an opening/launch for a brand, I’m only there for 2 days— in and out. It’s very different from a personal trip where you don’t have to keep thinking of content to make the client happy.

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Travel essentials? I’m just gonna say a random bunch: my sunscreen/moisturizer, earphones, a tiny eco tote, sneakers and a good book/magazine. I style my clothes in advance and then bring a few extra pieces in case of emergencies. As much as I can, I try and choose a color family first so I can easily mix with all my other pieces. For instance, I’ll choose brown and beige as my main colors and inject a few hues that can easily be paired with my basic colors— mustard, olive green, gray, coral. You’ll be surprised how many times you can use these pieces over and over again and pair it with all your other clothes.

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For my non-negotiables in my itineraries, I visit 1-2 touristy places during the day and spend the rest of the time visiting all the current places to go to for balance. I also look for good cafes and try all the local dishes.  I love meeting locals too because I get to know more about their culture.

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All things considered, travel taught me how to be more independent. I’m most inspired when I travel. I meet so many people with different cultures and values, I see so many inspired streets and places and I always remind myself to never stop wanting to explore, experience and learn new things. When we stop learning, we stop growing.

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Photographs taken from my Instagram account | Banner image by Lui Jimenez



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