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#ABSCBNLifestyle Inspo Laureen Uy: Yes, I Love Shopping At The Men's Section—Here's Why!

#ABSCBNLifestyle Inspo Laureen Uy: Yes, I Love Shopping At The Men's Section—Here's Why!

Style is such a huge part of our lives. It makes us more confident. Without even speaking, we sort of tell people who we are already.

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Overall, I’m into street style with a little bit of luxe. I dress edgier than most girls. I like shopping at the men’s section and then mixing it with my personal items to make it a little bit more me. My siblings definitely play a huge part in my sartorial choices. I would always consider their opinions whenever I try something new. Currently, I’m also in love with Dua Lipa’s style.

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I don’t stop experimenting when it comes to trying new trends. I think I tried all sorts of styles growing up. Preppy, girly, classy, rocker, etc.—you name it and I’ve probably tried it already. We all evolve and we all have to realize that change isn’t a bad thing. Today I might be in love with floral pieces and the next thing you know, I’m over it. I’m not afraid to wear something I think won’t look good on me—I mean, at least I tried, right? It’s my way of knowing the styles I’m really comfortable with and the ones I know I’ll never wear again!

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