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In Focus: Proof That Sharlene San Pedro and TWICE's Dahyun Can Pass As Sisters

In Focus: Proof That Sharlene San Pedro and TWICE's Dahyun Can Pass As Sisters



With the huge popularity K-pop has gotten this year, it’s no surprise that more local celebs are getting into the craze. From young stars up to veteran artists, these celebs are as obsessed in K-pop as much as we are! And MYX’s VJ Sharlene San Pedro is no exception, casually blasting K-pop songs during her free time. We first saw this young gal onscreen as the 'madaldal' kid in Goin Bulilit back in 2005 up to 2011. Now, she's widely known in the showbiz industry as a multitalented artist who can sing, dance, act, and host! Just like us, she also has her own fair share of favorite K-pop idols. One of these is the iconic girl group BLACKPINK, and we can't blame her because who doesn't love this iconic girl group? 

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Although we love how much she shows her inner BLINK from time to time, we think that she should also stan another girl group that's currently making a big splash in the Hallyu Wave. To answer your curiousity, we're talking about TWICE who debuted last 2015 with 9 members including the 20-year-old Kim Dahyun known for her 4D personality. And in case you haven't noticed, Dahyun is Sharlene's Korean doppelganer!

The more we look at these two, the more we notice their uncanny resemblance that we didn't put much thought into before. Yup, from their smiling eyes up to their sweet charm, Sharlene and Dahyun mught just be sissies from different mommies! If you're still not convinced, swipe through our gallery and see what we're talking about for yourself!

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