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Love Actually: Meet Catriona Gray and Clint Bondad, This Quirky Couple Who First Met At An Elevator

Love Actually: Meet Catriona Gray and Clint Bondad, This Quirky Couple Who First Met At An Elevator

Catriona Gray is on fire—no pun intended, especially now that videos of her strutting down the Miss Universe 2018 preliminary competition in Thailand have gone viral (that lava walk and sensational slow-mo turn as she walks are going down in pageant history!).

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But before she flew out of the Philippines, we caught up with the stunning beauty queen (and our very first #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo) and much to our delight, Clint Bondad—her Filipino-German boyfriend of six years. We asked the photogenic couple several questions, fill in the blanks style. And as we did, we quickly realized just how happily in love they really are!

How did you guys meet?

Catriona: We actually met for the first time in an elevator Baguio.

Clint: She completely ignored me. And forgot me, which hurt my feelings. (Laughs)

Catriona likes to…? 

Clint: Use me as a punching bag. She likes it, and I do too. Usually, when we’re not in front of a camera she’ll be, “Whaaat?” (Slap motion)

Clint likes to…? 

Catriona: Eat everything! I used to make big batches (of food) and expect that they would last in the fridge for about five days…until I met him. (Now) it only makes up for one meal.

Clint: She would make Christmas treats and then she would leave (for) Australia for four weeks! I’d be left with apple pie, some turkey, and I would be like, “Oh my God, it’s gonna get bad." 

Catriona: (To Clint) Bye-bye, abs!

Clint: I had to work out four hours a day.

Catriona: At least you can’t complain that I can’t cook!

Clint: Well I wish you would spread out (the food) a little more. (Smiles)

Clint doesn't it like it when you…? 

Catriona: Leave my stuff all over the house. When I come home I usually have two bags with me, minimum.

Clint: She’s like an old dog, you know? Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Catriona: You know when you come home you’re tired, put your bags wherever—

Clint: For six years I’ve been telling her, “Baby, when you come home just put your bags right there in front of the door.

Catriona: He’s so German that way. He needs everything to have a specific place.

Clint: That’s the purpose of specific places!          

Catriona: (Laughs)

The most expensive thing Catriona has gifted you is…? 

Clint: The watch that I broke. And I still wear it to business meetings.

Catriona: He broke it watching my pageant ‘cause he was so nervous. He was twisting the bezel.

Clint: I was watching and I tore off the bezel. So now I have to get from Seiko. (Laughs)

The most expensive thing Clint has gifted you is…? 

Catriona: A trip to Germany. It was my first time in Europe.

Clint: Oh yeah!

Catriona: (Laughs) So, it was really cool. We got to go around and I ate so much!

Catriona is obsessed with…? 

Clint: Food, I guess.

Catriona: I love trying new food! And if I’m in a certain mood I crave different food. There is a certain time in a woman’s when you cannot deny her what she wants to eat? (Laughs)

Clint: Yup there you go. "Obsession!" (Laughs)

Clint is obsessed with…? 

Catriona: Anything fitness—

Clint: No! 

Catriona: And Clash Royale. He’s literally irritated that he’s number 2. There’s someone from Angeles who’s number one and Clint posted, “Who are you…?” (Laughs)

Catriona loves to wear…? 

Clint: My T-shirts

Catriona: They’re comfy!

Clint loves to wear…?

Clint: Her underwear. (Laughs)

Catriona: Stop! (Laughs) People are gonna make memes out of us! Umm…he loves to wear caps and beanies.

Q: If Catriona were a superhero, she would be…?

Clint: The (one with a) huge head that’s blue—Megamind!

 Catriona: What!? Why!? Please justify your answer. I don’t understand.

Clint:  Because you’re so smart. And you look so alike.

Catriona: Why can’t you give me a nicer superhero, not a villain? 

Clint: (Laughs)

If Clint were a superhero, he would be…?

Catriona: He would be Batman ‘cause he likes doing that voice thing. He (also) likes wearing black and grey. 

Clint: (Speaking in a Batman voice) I’m not sure what she’s talking about. We’re far, far apart in our opinions. (Laughs)

Catriona’s hidden talent is…? 

Clint: To impress my family members to the point where they completely exclude me. Whenever I bring her to a family gathering, I’m negative air. I repel away from my family members.

Catriona: You make it sound so negative. 

Clint: Yeah because you’re so positive!

Catriona: He’s one of the best people at comprehending things. He can’t sit still without working out why something works and trying to understand it. He’s like a walking Google!

Clint: I think it’s just called OCD. (Laughs)

We both love to…? 

Clint: Do things together. Tada!

Catriona: We love to spend time together! We love watch TV series, going out to eat, and watching movies:

You both hate to…? 

Clint: Well, I like it clean but I hate to clean. She likes to clean more than me, but I like to organize more than she does. We’re a perfect yin and yang. So cheesy.

Catriona: (Rolls eyes and smiles) 

You both always wanted to…?

Catriona: Travel more! Go hiking, swimming in the waterfalls and stuff.

Clint: Yeah that’s something I’d love to do! And a Disney castle that we couldn’t go to last time—‘cause the castle need its princess.

Catriona: Queen!

Catriona inspires you to be…? 

Clint: (Laughs) She inspires me to be better every day.

Clint inspires you to be..,?

Catriona: He inspires me to listen more because he points out that sometimes I just breeze past what people say. Or I go on autopilot. And also, to just be more present when I’m with people.

Catch the interview in a two-part video series below!

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan | Interview by Barry Viloria



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