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From The Editor: Celebrate The Holidays With #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Bianca Gonzalez-Intal!

From The Editor: Celebrate The Holidays With #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Bianca Gonzalez-Intal!

Her big eyes, olive skin, and infectious smile wouldn’t be the first ones you’d notice about Bianca Gonzalez in person. It would be, in what I believe as a unanimous answer representing all the people she’s ever spoken to, her seeping intelligence. I first got hold of Bianca’s charm in this VHS tapes tertiary schools like her alma mater Ateneo would send to high schools to attract enrolment. I also followed her blog—iamsuperbianca on Blogger/Blogspot; it’s the same username she’d use in all her accounts. I would sporadically catch her more on “news program” Wazzup Wazzup and the award-winning Y Speak. (I’d shyly tell her all this in my interview.) This, until her supposedly pristine image made a detour into the “dark” world of showbiz with her entry on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. On that epic edition, what I and the world knew as Miss Perfect revealed her flaws while still maintaining control. Still, all this only made her more lovable so much so she reaped a top spot in the finale. Her hosting career and that as an ambassador of brands and advocacies would only thrive further even after her PBB stint. She still does her best in sharing her wonderful thoughts and insights to the youth by editing a magazine, authoring a book, or, on a more millennial approach, vlogging.

Again, it isn’t the looks that would strike you first about Bianca.

In recent years, though, Bianca has added a new layer to the things that would make her more interesting—motherhood. As the mom of Lucia and just recently Carmen, Mrs. JC Intal now captures a lot of this journey online, too. For the month of December, Bianca takes over our site as our newest #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo, substantially sharing her thoughts on the beauty that surrounds raising a family, maintaining relationships, traveling, vlogging, and more. It’s indeed the season of family and love on ABS-CBN Lifestyle!

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Produced by Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Cinematography by Lui Jimenez | Editing by Christina Zabat | Interview by Mels Timan | Makeup by Jigs Mayuga | Hair by Muriel Vega Perez | Styling by Camille Santiago | Nails by Triple Luck Hair And Brow Salon | Shot on location at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria | Special thanks to Francine Arias of Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria | Banner image by Lui Jimenez

Clothes: Forever 21 



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