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Hot Stuff: We Geeked Out Over The Cast Of 'Aquaman' At Their Asian Tour In Manila!

Hot Stuff: We Geeked Out Over The Cast Of 'Aquaman' At Their Asian Tour In Manila!


On December 11, 2018, superheroes of the DC film Aquaman have come up on the shores of Manila for the second stop of their Asian tour. Lead stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, who play the title role and Princess Mera respectively, along with director James Wan personally invited Filipino DC fans to take a plunge into the depths of Atlantis and see a whole new universe filled with action-packed underwater fantasy.

The Aquaman crew first stopped by a press conference held at Grand Hyatt Manila where we got some insider scoop about the latest DC installment. Aquaman promises to be a cut above other DC creations, and once you see it, you'll know that it delivers. (Yup, we were treated to an early screening, so we can legitimately vouch for it!) Director James Wan is known for The Conjuring series, and when asked how he used his horror specialty in directing a superhero movie, he says, "What I learned from making scary movies is that creating characters that people care about, that's super important. It's all about the storytelling. It doesn't matter what genre (the movie) is in."

True enough, Jason Momoa's character Arthur is easily endearing, not just because of the tattooed muscles and the glorious hair, but because we saw his development from being indifferent to his Atlantean roots to powerfully claiming his rightful place as king. But how did he prepare for this role? Aside from the usual training, Jason revealed, funnily enough, "Arthur is a big drinker, and I'm not." But he says James insisted, so he had to chug down mugs of beer in one scene! 

The exceptionally beautiful Amber Heard, on the other hand, takes on the role of Mera, who, to our delight, is an addition to the roster of strong female characters in the big screen. The actress was asked how Mera stands out from the others, and she's quick to respond, "I wish I could answer you better, but there's like two. That's the problem." Amber refers to the lack of female superheroes on screen with only Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel taking the lead. But when it comes to Mera, she assures that the audience will witness a uniquely empowered character, explaining, "She's the driving force of the whole story. She is what makes Arthur, Aquaman."

At the fan event in the Mall of Asia Arena Music Hall, Filipinos warmly welcomed the cast and even got to play games with them! During the program, fan artworks were given the spotlight, and Filipino comic book artist Lan Medina took the stage to present his Aquaman illustrations to Jason, Amber, and James.

It was truly an exciting day for Aquaman fans and the expectant Filipino audience who will finally get to see the film starting Dec. 12! Swipe through our gallery to see all the happenings at the Aquaman Asian tour in Manila!

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