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In Focus: We Reminisce On How JaDine's Romance Blossomed From Reel To Real

In Focus: We Reminisce On How JaDine's Romance Blossomed From Reel To Real



The couple that started the Wattpad trend in movies, James Reid and Nadine Lustre (widely known as JaDine), have the reel-to-real love story that we all rooted for! We first saw them together in James' "Alam Niya Ba?" MV wherein Nadine starred as the leading lady. During that time, they weren't close at all! Nadine even shared that her first impression of the young superstar is that he's too serious and feared that he's some foreigner she would have a hard time working with.

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In 2014, the Wattpad craze skyrocketed. That's also when VIVA Entertainment made a movie of the Wattpad hit fiction story Diary Ng Panget which sparked the JaDine phenomenon. Although, the two were a loveteam, they're also honest to the public about their relationship. They said numerous times in interviews that they're only friends and were not expecting it to be more than that because they're also in a relationship with other people during that time. But because they shared a hit chemistry and the same passion towards their career, their tandem became unbreakable.  

Finally, after multiple projects together, the two realized that what they're looking for is right in front of them all along! In their JaDine in Love concert back in February 2016, the two publicly announced their relationship when James said 'I love you' to Nadine after their last performance. We all rejoiced because, finally, our OTP just became canon! Of course, there were people who questioned the revelation and assumed that it was just for publicity. But here we are after two years since the event, still supporting JaDine and feeling kilig over their genuine relationship! And as a shoutout to their stronger-than-ever bond, swipe through our gallery and reminisce on their love story!

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