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#ChalkCampusTour2018: We Brought Some Major Self-Love Inspo To TIP QC

#ChalkCampusTour2018: We Brought Some Major Self-Love Inspo To TIP QC



The #ChalkCampusTour2018 didn’t slow down as we reach the end of this year’s series! For the last time this 2018, we brought the whole crew and our inspirational guest speakers to the home of the TIPians, the Technological Institute of the Philippines in Quezon City!

It was an afternoon full of talks on following your passion, learning to love yourself, and stepping it up in all aspects of life. With the help of our partners, we were able to bring three strong-willed individuals to inspire the students from TIP QC to #LiveYoung, #LookGood, #LoveHard—MYX VJ and self-love inspo Samm Alvero, entrepreneur and all-around entertainer Markki Stroem, and timeless beauty queen and It’s Showtime hurado Nicole Cordoves. As a recap, here are the three life lessons we've learned from our guest speakers:

#LoveHard with Samm Valero
Rising MYX VJ and all-around risk-taker Samm shared her personal struggles with loving herself and finally being able to do it. She opened up about her transformation from being the shy girl at 18 to a freshly confident woman at 21. “Self-love is a lifelong romance, because you have to actively choose to love yourself, including the flaws, every single day," she says, and that's the only thing we all need to hear!

#LiveYoung with Markki Stroem
Successful performer Markki Stroem narrated his struggles and how he achieved fulfillment by following his passion and making it his job. He also stated that it is important to not strain your relationship with your parents when deciding which program to go for in college, saying that there will always be a time for you to follow you heart. His parting words to the students are, “You have to find something that will keep you young—a job, a hobby—anything that will allow you to live young and will help you succeed in your beautiful life."

#LookGood with Nicole Cordoves
In her segment, Nicole tipped students on the importance of looking for the part without losing sight of your actual capabilities as a person that will set you apart from the rest. She also imparted her message to the youth saying, “Don’t forget that you are our only hope. The world will keep failing you with all its cruelty, you will keep trying and it might not work most of the time, and you’ll feel like giving up and you can make every legitimate excuse possible to get out of it. But you need to keep fighting for everything that’s good." Spoken like a true beauty queen!


It has been another great year of touring around the metro and inspiring young individuals to succeed in their campus life and beyond. To see more of the happenings, swipe through our gallery to see what went down during the last leg of the #ChalkCampusTour2018!

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