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In Focus: #UAAPFinals Tweets That Summed Up This Season's UP-Ateneo Showdown

In Focus: #UAAPFinals Tweets That Summed Up This Season's UP-Ateneo Showdown


The basketball season has officially ended as two determined teams battled it out to be on top. The Ateneo and UP men's basketball teams fought tooth and nails just to one-up each other, giving the audience what they want—an exciting finish to the half-year tourney.

In the end, experience prevailed as the Blue Eagles earned a back-to-back championship besting out their  opponent. The UP Men's Basketball Team, on the other hand, showed grace under pressure as the underdog, after ending their school's 36-year drought in the UAAP finals. They ended their season as an unexpected finals contender that showcased pure heart for the sport and for their school.

After the intense and grueling 2-game finals dubbed as "Battle of Katipunan," we give each team the biggest applause for the determination to win and the school spirit they've shown for each point. No effort is small, because they all mattered in the end.

Whether you are team #UPFight or #OneBigFight, we're sure you all felt the equal amount of tension in or out the arena! In honor of the culmination of the UAAP Season 81 for the Men's Basketball division, we compiled tweets we resonated with the most through out the series. Swipe through our gallery and together, let's all say "True that!"

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