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In Focus: Our Favorite #JoshLia Moments Through The Years

In Focus: Our Favorite #JoshLia Moments Through The Years


Although their loveteam hasn't reached more than three years yet, young stars Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia A.K.A. JoshLia stole everyone's hearts instantly without much struggle. Maybe it's because of their undeniable chemistry or the fact that these two are both from different backgrounds—Joshua Garcia started to be known as the teenager from Batangas who joined Pinoy Big Brother: All In to achieve his dream of becoming an artista, while Julia Barretto is already famous since she was young because of her showbiz lineage. Either way, we think it's just the universe's way of making us believe that destiny is real.

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Throughout the beginning years of their career, they got paired up with different stars in different projects, but unfortunately, no one really clicked with them. Although they saw each other numerous times in guestings and events, they never really got a chance to have a conversation until they were paired up in the teen rom-com film Vince, Kath, and James back in 2016. We never expected that they would cross paths and fall in love with each other. Based on their interviews, it was a surprise for them, too, since they're so opposite from each other. They're the couple that we all didn't expect to exist, but we're thankful that they did. 

Looking at them now, everything just feels right, doesn't it? There's a glow when they're together which makes their relationship so effortlessly beautiful. If you want to reminisce this pair's journey, swipe through our gallery now!

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