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Love Actually: Tim Yap and Javi Martinez Look Back At Their Almost A Year Being Married

Love Actually: Tim Yap and Javi Martinez Look Back At Their Almost A Year Being Married

“On October 1, I met the one,” Tim Yap mused to ABS-CBN Lifestyle at Closeup PH’s #FREETOLOVE launch, happily sharing he met his partner Javi Martinez at a charity auction he hosted five years ago. The two have since formed an inseparable bond with a love that has gotten even stronger when they tied the knot on Christmas Day last year. Below, Tim and Javi took a look back at their adorable relationship that just proves love knows no boundaries!

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Can you tell us about the first time you met?

Tim: I was hosting a breast cancer auction at The Peninsula and he was in the audience. My friend brought him to be introduced to me and I knew that that was him. Syempre, nagpakitang gilas na ako. 

First impressions?

T: Well, my first impression of him was “Ah, I know he likes me!” (laughs) Naks, feeling! Syempre when you’re on stage, you will see the audience. I was putting my best foot forward.

Javi: He was on the stage and he knew I was there so he was giving his extra effort with the hosting!

T: I was raising money for charity din so in that small room, I was able to raise one million and on October 1, I met the one!

J: Next year, I was helping him out backstage.

T: And a year after that, he was directing it na. Our relationship escalated into very productive endeavors also.

When did you realize it was love?

T: Gradually, I guess. When you’re together and you realize love doesn’t have to be destructive, love doesn’t need to put you down, love can build you up, love can make you better as a human being. When you realize that, then “Hey, this is something that’s worth fighting for.”

J: When we started working together and living together, everything kind of happened at the same time. We started to spend the day 24/7, just learning from each other. I don’t normally listen to people so much so when I started listening to him and learning from him, I was like “Oh, wait. This is special.” That was when I realized that “Love—maybe this is it.”

What are your biggest similarities?

T: We like to do things well. We’re both dreamers. We both love to live life and we both like to make the most out of things.

What are your biggest differences?

J: We are different in so many ways. He’s super noisy, I’m super quiet. He likes spicy food, I don’t. We’re super duper different. 

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

T: My favorite thing about Javi is he would go out of his way to surprise me. He’d tell me “Don’t go home yet! I prepared something for you!” then I see rose petals and the food he cooked. Nage-effort sya! He likes to go out of his way.

J: Mine would be him trying to do the same. He’s like “Close your eyes! I cooked for you.” and I would hear his assistant coming out of the kitchen. He takes the effort even if he’s so busy!

How do you manage conflicts in your relationship?

T: We work on it. Conflict is only conflict when you allow it to destroy you. You know, there’s this one word that’s bawal in our household and in our workspace also: “problem.” It’s a situation that you need to work on. For us, it always has to be something that meets midway or some way. 

How do you keep your relationship strong? 

T: Technology allows us to be together even when we’re apart.

J: Maybe half of the month, we would be apart. He’d be travelling somewhere for work and I will be traveling somewhere else for work and we won’t be at home at the same time.

T: Being apart makes our relationship work too, you know?

J: Yeah, that’s true! If I don’t get any text from Tim, everything’s okay. I know he’s fine and he’s doing well.

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Photographs taken from the subjects' Instagram accounts and courtesy of Closeup Philippines



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