Daily Diaries: So, How Does 'Phone Addict' Isabelle Daza Manage Being A Millennial Mom?

Daily Diaries: So, How Does 'Phone Addict' Isabelle Daza Manage Being A Millennial Mom?

In a world where almost everything has gone digital, it can be really hard to stay off of our smartphone. For a variety of mostly valid reasons, of course: For work, communication, transportation, leisure, entertainment, and so on. And then it becomes addictive. For Isabelle Daza, all this remains a challenge— being a millennial mom to her little boy Baltie. 

“I find that sometimes, I’m so addicted to my phone,” the It Girl confessed to ABS-CBN Lifestyle at the launch of #ParentingOnTheMove, describing the digital life as a “constant battle." “It’s really hard because right now, we’re in this habit of wanting to capture everything. I want to get my phone, capture each moment, and be on my phone. You always want to check it, right?”

How does the model-actress manage? By making sure she is physically and emotionally tuned in to her son as she fills his day with fun activities that she could be a part of. “What I’ve been trying to do now is put my phone in a separate room and really just spend quality time with him,” she revealed. “This morning, I woke up at 6 AM and we walked for an hour. I didn’t have my phone with me and I felt so liberated. When I’m with him, I just want to have time with him and be present with him. There’s something about not videoing it that makes it so much more special and precious. It’s not for the camera. It’s more of like ‘This moment is just ours.’”

Being in the spotlight has made Belle aware of the pressures that come from social media, that’s why she makes an effort to check her phone less and avoid oversharing photos of her son on Instagram. “I feel like right now, there’s so much pressure online, growing up with all this competition, and I find that parents are constantly comparing their child. I think we do it unconsciously,” she said, putting across the things she learned from her course in Early Childhood Education back in college. “We have to keep in mind that children will go through different developmental stages and we have to just allow them to do that at their own time. Each child is unique and we should recognize that uniqueness and individuality and not make them feel like they have to be anyone else. I really believe that will help develop the child holistically and create a happier child.”

The TV host may still be trying to figure out motherhood along the way, but she does find bliss. “I get tired but I never knew I could be this happy,” mused Belle. “He’s a piece of me. I never knew I could love someone more than I love myself.”

Belle declares all this as a new road to explore. “I just try my best but you know, I read a book that said the perfect mother doesn’t exist. I always keep that in mind when I think ‘Am I doing enough?’ and I just aspire to be better the next day,” she shared, stressing moms don’t have to put too much pressure on themselves to have a perfect family. “Things happen, and I really believe that you should trust your intuition, do your research, and enjoy every step because you’re never gonna get it back.”

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