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Beauty Inspo: The One K-Drama-Inspired Hairstyle That Might Get You An Oppa

Beauty Inspo: The One K-Drama-Inspired Hairstyle That Might Get You An Oppa


By Mikka Caronan


When it comes to fashion and beauty, Koreans are known to be major trendsetters. For us Hallyu fans, we get our trend fix not only from our favorite Korean stars, but also in the dramas that they appear in. And for a lot of female leads, they have one major thing in common: their hairstyle.

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One example is Descendants of the Sun’s Kang Mo-Yeon, W’s Oh Yeon-Joo and Uncontrollably Fond's Noh Eul's long hair with see-through bangs which looked like it was copied and pasted to another person! When you see all the leads of the K-dramas you watch have the similar cut, it means that it’s the hairstyle of the season. We think this is one of the reasons why people say “all” Koreans look alike.

Moving on from the long hairstyle with see-through bangs, it seems like there's a new trend in Korean dramas that we could surely try: the bob cut with bangs. This style became famous because of Lee Sung-Kyung in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo which makes her look cute and bubbly even with her tough attitude. Then this style was followed by Park Bo-Young in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, Red Velvet's Joy in The Liar and His Lover, Gong Seung-Yeon in Are You Human?, and many more!

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Although the bob looks hard to manage, we compiled a lot of different styles you could choose from based on your hair's texture or your personal preference. Considering the warm weather here in Philippines, it's also perfect to try this! Swipe through our gallery and decide which cut you want to have next! And to further convince you, we also included the oppas you might attract with this look! *wink*

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